Friday, August 25, 2017

Beauty Is a Reflection of Health

Beauty Is a Reflection of Health

Every species truly has its own characteristics that make it beautiful to the other members of the very species. As those traits are altered, the creatures will lose its appeals. There is truly great reason for that-reproduction. Humans are basically programmed to desire good strong mates so that we will produce perfect strong offspring, regardless of the race, religion, tribe, and any sorts of difference.

The Beauty in Human

Humans are just no exception to this. Our body, which includes our hair, skeletal structure, and skin, all serve one single purpose and the purpose is shown in its form. The noses may of course vary to some great extent in size and shape, but the nostrils must be enough in size to allow ample air get inhaled with each breath; the cheek and brow bones should be created high and jaws are broad. We have various kinds of hair, be it in terms of length, color, and thickness, yet it should be full and strong. Our skeletons might be tall or short, which depends on nationality, yet our legs and backs should not be bowed, which actually is the result of proper bone growth and sufficient intake of mineral during young age. The skin may also vary in thickness and colors, yet it should be taut and clear. The hips of women should be large enough to accommodate the passage of their babies comfortably, while the breasts should be gracious and generous, which indicates a healthy and beautiful surge of sexual hormones during puberty.

Every person differs from one to another at certain extent, yet there are particular variations that imply malnutrition and imbalance. Through self-preservation, humans will not find the differences appealing. Now, humans have unique ability to ignore or overlook obvious physical imperfections, putting more emphasis on actions and values, instead. While this is desirable competence as even just slight imperfection is mostly harmless and normal, we are actually doing ourselves and our offspring’s disservice by overlooking the signs of telltale of degeneration and by assuming that beauty is no more than superficial basic preoccupation.

Beauty is A Nature’s Design

What actually makes our face and body appealing is that it fits the basic function that it is meant to serve. Bodies and faces are not merely built to be pretty. We apprehend faces as being beautiful when they become functional and infer robust health. Put in other words, they suggest that having mate with its owner will create the potential of producing healthy, and strong offspring. We are basically hardwired to take beauty for the sake of species survival.

Bodies and faces that showcase appealing form can be found in any culture, in all of kinds of desirable people. The only fundamental differences are related to size, texture, and color. However, the basics of what creates these beautiful appeals are obvious throughout the world. Simply put, there is basically no precise definition on what constitutes beauty on humans. Of course, there appears to be continuum of beauty and strength. I will put forward some of the ideas regarding these two issues.
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