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Healthy Foods to Regrow Hair

Healthy Foods to Regrow Hair

The problem of male pattern baldness has been known to instill horror and fear in most males. This kind of early hair loss is indeed a sad reality for nearly 86% of men, with more than 25% starting to lose their hair even before they turn 21.

While male pattern baldness denotes the unfortunate result of high amount of testosterone, mixed with grabbing some genetic short straw, there are several things that you can dot to slow or halt its progression, and even regrow the hair that you have already lost. Hereunder are the tips on foods and herbs which will help you to stop male pattern baldness.

Gingko Biloba

The researchers at Maryland University found that  males that took this herb were able to enhance their blood flow to their scalp, aiding to grow their hair naturally and enhancing their overall scalp health.

Aromatherapy Oils

The combination of essential oils gained from cedar, rosemary, lavender, and thyme applied directly to your scalp will also stimulate the blood flow to the hair follicles, in accordance with the Medical Center researchers at the University of Maryland.

Low-fat Proteins

As our hair is made out of protein, consuming a diet which is full of eggs, fish, and beans as well as other low-fat, high protein meals will supply our hair with the raw components the hair needs for its growth.

Han Lian Cao

This particular Chinese herbs battles swelling and inflammation in your scalp (preventing your hair from losing), and helps to make your hair grow more strongly at its roots.


Iron is indeed the main factor in hair production, so any foods which are rich in this mineral will do. However, for those of you that do not relish the plan of packing in kale, dried fruits, such as raisins, are indeed perfect snack will help you to boost your levels of iron.

Bean Sprouts

These vegetables are really full of silica that our body requires to process minerals and vitamins, just like that iron you obtained from those raisins, which will help you to grow your hair.

Horsetail Extract

No, you do not cut off horse’s tail and then cook it. This special herbs is just another silica-rich herb which will help you to absorb the required minerals and vitamins that you need to reverse the hair loss.


These particular nuts can really pack huge punch with vitaminE, that help you to protect your hair and scalp from damage posed by the sun. Low consumption of biotin also has been linked with hair loss, so it is smart idea to ensure that you get enough of it.

Nettle Extract

This Chinese herb works to hardly irritate your scalp, causing enhanced blood flow and enhanced circulation, and thus better oxygen absorption by hair follicles.

Are you actually dealing with male hair loss pattern? Have you ever tried any of the aforementioned foods? Let us know about what has worked well for you in the comment below. There are  lot we would like to share. , ,

Natural Ways to Improve Your Digestion

Natural Ways to Improve Your Digestion

We do not talk about digestion problems and we hardly seek advices to help that common issue. The most common issues which are related to the digestive tract are constipation, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, heartburn, and inflammatory bowel disease. These can be triggered by many things, such as poor nutrition, unhealthy lifestyle, infection, or even a food sensitivity. And just as there are a lot of causes, there are lots of ways that can help you to improve your digestive system to work well.


The Top Ways to Improve Your Digestion Naturally

First, make sure you add probiotics to your daily diet. Probiotics are the strains of beneficial bacteria which live in your digestive system. These bacteria are microorganisms that are called “probiotics” that means “for life”. Such microscopic bugs live in our intestines where they generate vitamins and short-chain acids which nurture and feed the other important bacteria, are nonpathogenic (does not cause disease) and directly contribute to healthy gut flora (the community of digestive bacteria living in your gut.

Have you ever thought of your eating habits? The way you consume has a massive impact on how your digestive system works. By simply changing few of your eating habits, you are likely to be able to enhance your digestion to significant extent. These are some of the popular and effective non-food digestion cheats: eating in relaxed condition and focusing on your meals and turning off your TV and cell phones so you can entirely focus on the meals that you are eating and the whole time of eating your meals. Just make sure you notice how your food tastes, looks, and feels in your mouth. That is called being mindful.

Three, you need to remain hydrated. Water is indeed essential for your digestion! We need water to digest solid food and then absorb nutrients appropriately. Without water, your whole body’s performance will fall that may lead to serious dehydration and reduce your blood pressure that can trigger constipation. You should drink enough water every day.

Next, rejuvenating with real food reboot will also be helpful. Excess toxins can be the trigger of digestive issues for a lot of people, which causes constipation, diarrhea, or in the case of IBS! You need to ditch your artificial sweeteners. These are proven to significantly alter your gut bacteria that we already know is important part of our healthy digestion and our overall health.

Tip number five: boosting your stomach acid. That is perfect to complete your remedy. The truth is that the high levels of stomach acid are often the cause of heartburn since we have been led to believe. In this regard, we need to drink one to two teaspoons of raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar only in small amount of water before we eat our meal. Also you need to pay attention to your chewing habit. You need to chew each meal until it is impossible to find out what was in your mouth. That may mean that you need to chew your food 15 to 20 times each bite.
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What to Eat to Ensure Healthy Hair

What to Eat to Ensure Healthy Hair

Just like your skin, the condition of your hair constitute the outward sign of your inside health. The cells which make up each strand of your hair need a regular supply of important nutrients. each perfect balance of the vitamins and minerals below will supply your hair with all it requires to remain healthy, shiny, strong, and lustrous.


Since hair is made up of protein, you need to assure you have sufficient protein in your dietary plan for making your hair healthy and strong. If you are not including sufficient protein your dietary plan, your hair is likely to get dry, weak, and brittle. So low a protein intake may lead to hair loss and even baldness. You need to include chicken, fish, turkey, eggs, and dairy products as the perfect powerhouse of protein along with your vegetarian sources.


Iron is indeed an important mineral for hair and small amount of iron denotes the major cause of serious hair loss. Hair follicle and its root are fed by nutrient rich blood. As iron levels decrease below certain extent, you are likely to experience anemia. That will seriously disrupts the nutrients distribution to the hair follicle, which eventually will affect your hair growth and may lead to shedding. Animal based products such as chicken, read meat, and fish provide sufficient iron with high bioavailability, which means that iron is available to our body.

 Vitamin C

Vitamin C is important in the absorption of iron so you need to include foods with vitamin C, in conjunction with foods packed with iron. Vitamin C also contains antioxidant. The best powerhouses of vitamin C include blueberries, blackcurrants, guava, broccoli, oranges, kiwi, papaya, sweet potatoes, and strawberries. Vitamin C is important in the production of collage which strengthens capillaries supplying the hair shafts.


The omega-3 fatty acids are indeed important for our body cannot produce them on its own, and thus has to be derived from our daily diet. Omega-3s are present in the cells which line the scalp and provide oils for keeping our scalp and hair well hydrated. You need to look out for oily fish such as herring, salmon, mackerel, and trout, and plant sources which include pumpkin, avocado, walnuts, and pumpkin seeds.

Vitamin A

Vitamin is required by our body to generate sebum which is an oily substance made by our hairs’ sebaceous glands and supplies natural conditioner for our scalp. Without sufficient sebum, we will experience itchy scalp and dry hair. You should include animal products and yellow or orange colored veggies that are high in bet-carotene such as pumpkin, carrot, and sweet potatoes.

Vitamin E

The sun exerts damaging impact on our hair just like it may damage our skin. Therefore, you need to ensure you eat foods that are rich in vitamin E so as to ensure your hair protection.  Nuts can be perfect powerhouse for vitamin E, which also provides selenium and zinc. Therefore, make sure that you include them in your dietary plan.
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Home Remedies for Good Digestive Health

Home Remedies for Good Digestive Health

The digestive tract of yours … that mysterious thirty-foot tube can hold more solutions for your personal health than most people could ever think of. Unluckily, most of us feed the taste buds before we actually think about how it really affects our digestion health. It is true, isn’t it? Most of us already have received our nutritional education from mass media, which influences us with tasty tastes which are designed to meet every expected convenience and craving. It is not mouth-gawking that we would simply forget the correlation between the quality of our digestion system as well as health and the quality of our food.

While it seems to be a simple formula on the issue, it is much deeper than you would think. That thirty-foot tube that makes up your digestion tract is the one responsible for delivering the essential components of what you consume on daily basis.

So this particular tube needs to be in fine condition so as to deliver the required nutrients to their important digestion and the absorption points. In order to really understand digestive health even better, we consulted with Nancy Spahr, the certified body ecologist, certified natural health practitioner, and certified colon hydrotherapist. She has learnt and seen the issue all from what is going on to what comes out at the healing center she manages.

Nancy Spahr’s Five Keys to Healthy Digestion System

First off, you need to choose fresh and fine organic foods. Nancy has witnessed tremendous changes when a lot of people go from boxed and also canned foods to organic, fresh whole foods as the part of body ecology program. There are two important points that you need to take into account, incorporating healthy mix of cooked and raw foods is indeed an important point. Raw foodshave their enzymes that are particularly essential when your body heals and may be rather low on enzymes in common.

Second, you need to chew thoroughly. The digestion of carbs (sugars, starches) starts in your saliva and enzymes. The required enzymes not only aid in breaking down your food, they also demolish bacteria. Most people do not chew thoroughly, making digestion even harder.

The other important tip is to understand the importance of HCI, stomach acid. The next stage of good digestion occurs in stomach and it is actually your stomach’s job to hold the food temporarily and begin breaking it down. The acid is essential for this particular digestion stage and while it does not digest food, it will trigger pepsin enzyme to break down proteins.

Lastly, you should pay attention to your digestion enzymes. Your food moves from your stomach to small intestine, where the majority of nutrients are naturally absorbed. Your pancreas generates digestive enzymes so that your stomach can digest carbs, proteins, and fats. It basically relies on liver and gallbladder for the bile which is important for the digestive process. LiveAmend is useful at this stage of digestion since it increases bile flow from gallbladder and liver.
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Foods for Regrowing Your Hair Fast

Foods for Regrowing Your Hair Fast

Most people have gone through the stressful process of trying to find out how to make your hair grow more rapidly at certain points or another. There is nothing worse than counting down the time or days to longer hair locks, simply to find that your hair has already grown measly inch. You can simply load up on your hair-strengthening shampoos and serums, yet it turns out nothing can work quite as well as making the hair grow faster naturally. Just as the case in your skin, your hair is influenced by your nutrient intake on your daily basis.

Whether you have fried your hair from too many hair products, you are over the season’s choppy cut, or you simply want to enhance your hair health, try to incorporate the hair-healthy foods into your daily diet for more luscious and longer locks.


There are of course a lot of nuts, yet not all of them have the same impact on growing your hair fast. Nuts such as walnuts, almonds, and pecans are indeed a great powerhouse of biotin, which is a vitamin known for its potential in enhancing hair growth. Vitamin B7 or Biotin is a certain coenzyme which provides energy to our body, said Lori Kenyon Farley, a certified Nutritional consultant in an email. Particularly, it helps to create nutritious and healthy hair cells, which leads to thicker and healthier locks.


Even though they may not be the first choice on your list, oyster is a perfect source of nutrients, which includes zinc, which can help you to get you the luscious locks you dream of. Oyster contain iron, protein, omega fatty acids, iron, zinc, calcium, and vitamin C. All of these vitamins as well as minerals are important for your beautiful and healthy hair as well as skin.


Not only is egg a tasty way to start your day, but this also contains the zinc, protein, and iron which your hair and body require. In this regard, zinc benefits your hair by enhancing the cell reproduction, repair of broken tissues, and tissue growth. Carla Rivas, a co-founder of Hair La Vie and hairstylist, informed Bustle in her email. “Egg is also helpful to maintain the oil-producing glands which are attached to your hair follicles, therefore decreasing their chances of falling out.


When dealing with hair growth, omega-3 fatty acids are important nutrient for healthy skin and hair, and as your body cannot produce them by itself, it is important that you get these fatty acids from your diet. Consuming two servings of fatty acids like tuna or salmon each week will help you to grow your hair full and long.

Chia and Flax Seeds

Fish is not the only trick to get in the rich pack of omega-3s. If you are planning to stay away from animal-based products, you had better try to add flax seeds or chia ones to your daily smoothies. These tiny babies will keep your hair appearing healthy and shiny.
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