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How to Give Healthy Snacks for Kids as Health Dental Care

How to Give Healthy Snacks for Kids as Health Dental Care

Healthy snacks are important part of our daily intake including for kids. Kids tend to like sweet snacks, and this isn’t good for their teeth health. To keep the bright smile, we need to give them healthiest options, giving them nutrition and keeping the teeth healthy too. Here are some tips on it.

What are Considered Healthy?

Basically all crunchy or firm fruits and veggies are the best snacks for natural health dental care. It includes apple, pear, watermelon, berries, and many others. Veggies like carrot, celery, broccoli, and cucumber are also great. In addition to it, you can try to add cheese, almond, and yoghurt. As kids are commonly picky eaters, you should be creative in giving the snacks. Of course, they will not just chew the raw broccoli except if you coat them with cream cheese. Serve berries with yoghurt, and try to spread sunflower seed and cream cheese on top of celery sticks.

When to Eat Them?

We don’t need to add additional snacking time for our kids. Two snacking times should be enough, and we can use the schedule to give them healthy options. It is essential not to take sweet or sweetened snacks, and it is highly important to avoid acid by avoiding citrus fruits like lemons and tomatoes as snacks. The acid can have bad effect on your kids’ teeth. They are fine to eat along with other menu, like the main course of your dinner menu. However, as we are serving healthy options, we can let them have some more when they want to.

If your kids used to have sweet snacks, this can be a little hard to start. However, you can try explaining the benefits of those snacks and let them recognize their own need on it. It will be best if parents also eat only healthy snacks as example. , ,

7 Best Healthy Snacks for Your Teeth

7 Best Healthy Snacks for Your Teeth

Do you have any idea that healthy snacks can get huge effect to your dental health? As often mentioned by your dentist, you need to avoid sweet things and choose healthier options. If you don’t know what to choose for snack, the following list should help you.


Containing a lot of calcium and protein, almond makes a great snack for your health dental care. It can be added on your salad and you can simply eat them raw as snacks.


This is a source of vitamin A and C, which will make important vitamin for your gums. It is watery so it plays a role like a toothbrush. If you want it to taste better, spread it with cream cheese.


It is high in vitamin A and it provokes a lot production for saliva, which is important for your dental health. Baby carrot can be eaten alone as snacks.


This is a sweet fruit but it contains a lot of water. Beside the nutrition it has, apple should give you enough tide until you can brush your teeth.

Leafy Greens

Of course, leafy greens are always recommended for its high nutrition. You can have them as snack. If you don’t like the raw taste, try to add cheese or some dressing on your salad.


Yoghurt contains a lot calcium and protein which are good for your gums. It also has good bacteria that will fight bad bacteria on your cavities.


Eating cheese give you enough protein and calcium. It provokes the production of a lot of saliva, and it increases your mouth pH to prevent tooth decay.

It is not a long list, but you will find similar alternative to it. Focus on crunchy and firm veggies and fruits, and try to avoid acid and sweet snacks. You may not realize the effect, but these healthy snacks keep you away from dentist a lot longer.