Monday, November 14, 2016

These Healthy Snacks will Make Children with ADHD Feeling Happy

These Healthy Snacks will Make Children with ADHD Feeling Happy

Making healthy snacks for children with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is a little bit tricky. It is because children with ADHD need more calories since they tend to be more active than the other kids and yet their appetite can be affected by the medication. We are going to give you some ideas about healthy snacks for children with ADHD. It is simple snacks so you can make it by yourself at home. Have a look.


Mini Pizza

Who doesn’t love pizza? You don’t have to make pizza dough, with whole-wheat English muffin you can create delicious mini pizza. Use low-fat cheese as the protein. Whole-wheat bread won’t make the blood sugar level rush too suddenly because it digested longer than the ordinary bread. The protein from cheese have longer satiated effect so your children won’t experience mood swings episode and protein good for the brain too.

Nuts and dried fruits

Children with ADHD need protein to feed the brain for the memory and learning. Nuts will provide protein that your children need. Dried fruits have enough fiber to satiate longer. Dried fruits and nuts also have enough calories to give the energy for hyperactive children.

Peanut butter and whole-wheat bread

Just like mini pizza, peanut butter and whole-wheat bread will give enough protein, fiber and calories for ADHD kids. Add banana too for alternative. The minerals and vitamins contained in banana are good for immunity.

Fruit shakes

If you have children who are picky eater especially with fruits, you still can provide the minerals, vitamins and fiber from fruits in the form of shakes. Use yoghurt instead of milk because yoghurt has less fats but still has enough protein. You can add flaxseeds in the shakes for omega-3 fatty acids.

Veggie sticks

Teach your children to like eating the veggie by providing veggie sticks as healthy snacks in refrigerator. Don’t forget to provide delicious dips too that your children may be tempted to eat the veggie with dips. , ,

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