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Sugar-Free Snacks for Healthy Teeth

Sugar-Free Snacks for Healthy Teeth

Brushing and flossing are not enough to maintain your healthy teeth. There are some dental cares you need to know so teeth decay and plaque do not occur so often. Limiting what kinds of foods and drinks coming into your mouth is one of dental cares aimed to avoid the oral cavity from harmful substances. We may hear lots of people saying that snacks and candy are bad for the teeth. But some people can’t resist of these tempting sweets. They tend to chew them once they get a free time or while doing some tasks behind the desk. That’s why knowing what is good and what is bad is necessary for the entire oral hygiene.

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Avoid candy

Some people find themselves to be quite possible to stop chewing candy. It is so addictive especially when you have none to chew but candy. It has different flavors that would make you chew more and more. But all of us know that chewing too much candy is not good for teeth and gum health. If this is a bit difficult to stop having candy, you may start from the simple thing: reduce chewy varieties. Taffy and gummy bears are examples of candy which are too hard on jaw and teeth. More effort must be done to chew them. They also will stay for long on surfaces and create small spaces between teeth.

Sugar-free snacks are better

When you eat food or snacks that contain too much sugar, you develop high risk of bacteria causing decay. Apples and carrots are two instances of healthy snacks you can choose to treat mouth. They have abrasiveness to cleanse away dangerous substances from teeth’s surface.

As candy offers variety of kinds and flavors, people can’t get over it. So when you need something to chew, why don’t you just run into sugar-free products? Find xylitol written on the package. It has been known as natural sweetener that can reduce plaque buildup. As sugar may bring unhealthy effects, you can replace it with xylitol especially when baking. However, consuming something in excessive amounts is not always good although products or foods are safe. To avoid decay, xyllitol must be used in right amount. It is advised to chew gum containing xylitol only two pieces three times a day. You must remember this to maintain your healthy teeth. Balance the healthy snacks with brushing and flossing. You need to follow the right health dental care. , , ,

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