Thursday, November 17, 2016

Holiday Comes! But Don’t Consume these Foods and Drinks for HealthyTeeth

The holiday comes and this is the very best chance to accept the holiday temptations of delicious, yummy foods that you are longing for a year just because of healthy diet you need to do. There will be no healthy snacks for a while in your dictionary because holiday means being fun! Well, okay, it is up to you. That’s your choice but who will be responsible for after eating cakes, pies and pastries in larger portions? Of course there’s nobody but you. Plus you have carbonated drinks and sodas on table or in refrigerator; it’s like to be a bad news for your teeth.

It is important to clean oral cavity regularly, especially during the holiday season as you will eat tons of sweets, cakes, carbonated drinks, etc. When you forget or ignore cleaning teeth and the whole oral cavity, a stubborn bacterial called Streptococcus mutans may produce sudden ‘superplaque’ that would endanger the enamel of the teeth. This is the result of drinking sodas and carbonated drinks. Holiday is identical with party or celebration all night long. When it ends, people are too tired for brushing teeth. That’s why such health dental care is often skipped when finally their head lies down on the bed. Slowly but sure the bacteria grows and attacks teeth.

People tend to buy teeth whitening products to keep their teeth clean and white. But you can save more money by avoiding several holiday foods and drinks like soda, coffee, tea, hot cocoa, blueberry pie, and cranberries to prevent stained teeth. Always use a straw when drinking tea and coffee as these two drinks may leave stain on teeth. Do not every try to consume refined sugar if you want to get healthy teeth which are free from plaque. Hard candies are also not allowed to chew as they may lead to tooth decay.
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