Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Healthy Snacks to Gain Weight Faster

Healthy Snacks to Gain Weight Faster

People said that it is much easier to gain weight than to lose it. Yes, it is true. By only eating junk food regularly, your weight will increase in short time. But of course, you cannot do that because it is not healthy. So in this article we give you some ideas of healthy snacks to help you gaining weight faster. Let’s take a look.


Granola is rich with fibers, protein and also calories. One cup of granola or one piece of granola bar contains more than 450 calories. If you want to gain weight faster, eat a bowl of granola or bar few times a day in between meal times.

Peanut butter

Peanut butter not only contains with calories that will help you gaining weight, but it also contains protein and fibers. However, peanut butter also contains saturated fats that will be bad for your heart. So make sure you do not eat it too much.


Tuna is rich omega-3 fatty acids and also protein. It is affordable and easy to prepare. Make sure you add tuna when you make healthy snacks.


Banana contains 100 calories, full sugar, fibers and potassium. Banana is a good packet for your program. Combine banana with peanut butter if you want to add more calories.

Whole milk or Soy Milk

Whole milk contains 150 calories and rich with protein. If you want to gain weight faster, make sure you drink whole milk regularly. For individuals who have lactose intolerant, they can drink soy milk. Soy milk contains calories almost the same amount of calories in whole milk.


Eggs contains the essential things that the body need like calories, protein, fats, and vitamin. However, eggs also have high cholesterol. So make sure you have control when you eat eggs as your healthy snacks. , ,

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