Monday, November 21, 2016

Four Best Foods for Teeth

Human needs foods for three times a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sometime we need snacks two hours before having lunch or dinner. However, most of us do not realize our eating habits. In order to fulfill our desire to eat delicious foods and snacks, we are not aware that certain foods bring harm to the body system generally and teeth specifically. Sweet and sugary products, if they stick to teeth for longer times, then it is close to damages that will attack teeth and gum. We are given a brain to think wisely, so instead of always consuming unhealthy snacks, it would be great to complete your refrigerator with these following healthy snacks as one of natural health dental care.


You may never know that cheese turns out to be the effective food to decrease bacteria-producing cavities. We just know that cheese is not a good choice for dieters. But why this time cheese can be an option for maintaining healthy teeth? It is because cheese contains high calcium and low carbs. Besides, it produces the low acidity of cheese levels. Don’t be afraid of eating cheese every day as it rebuilds mechanism and produces lots of saliva.

Green tea

Green tea is not always dedicated for those who want to remove fat. It is also good to cleanse plaque from teeth. Catechins are the main content of green tea which is really helpful to destroy sugars. So don’t forget to drink this regularly for better teeth.


Due to lots of water they have, people are advised to eat apples every day. The water will bear extra bits away that stick in your mouth.


Not all people like to eat raw onions since they can cause bad breath. But once you have them in your mouth, these onions would be effective destroying cavity leading to bacteria.
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  1. This post shows that are the best foods for your teeth and food good for teeth whitening. You missed milk but these all food are best.

  2. I love cheese increases saliva in the mouth and cheese also contains calcium and protein, nutrients that strengthen tooth enamel. Keep posting

  3. I got really confused about tea . Some people said tea is responsible for staining teeth. Great post! best food for healthy teeth. Thanks for sharing

  4. Thanks for sharing this post. It’s a good reminder that what we eat can cause teeth damage and even lead to other health problems.