Monday, November 21, 2016

Four Best Foods for Teeth

Human needs foods for three times a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sometime we need snacks two hours before having lunch or dinner. However, most of us do not realize our eating habits. In order to fulfill our desire to eat delicious foods and snacks, we are not aware that certain foods bring harm to the body system generally and teeth specifically. Sweet and sugary products, if they stick to teeth for longer times, then it is close to damages that will attack teeth and gum. We are given a brain to think wisely, so instead of always consuming unhealthy snacks, it would be great to complete your refrigerator with these following healthy snacks as one of natural health dental care.


You may never know that cheese turns out to be the effective food to decrease bacteria-producing cavities. We just know that cheese is not a good choice for dieters. But why this time cheese can be an option for maintaining healthy teeth? It is because cheese contains high calcium and low carbs. Besides, it produces the low acidity of cheese levels. Don’t be afraid of eating cheese every day as it rebuilds mechanism and produces lots of saliva.

Green tea

Green tea is not always dedicated for those who want to remove fat. It is also good to cleanse plaque from teeth. Catechins are the main content of green tea which is really helpful to destroy sugars. So don’t forget to drink this regularly for better teeth.


Due to lots of water they have, people are advised to eat apples every day. The water will bear extra bits away that stick in your mouth.


Not all people like to eat raw onions since they can cause bad breath. But once you have them in your mouth, these onions would be effective destroying cavity leading to bacteria.
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Sunday, November 20, 2016

What You Eat Determines Oral Health

What You Eat Determines Oral Health

Visiting the dentist with a pre-determined schedule, like once in six month, does not really solve problems linked to teeth and the whole oral cavity. Brushing and flossing right before going to bed or in the middle of taking show in the morning are not always the best answer to prevent plaque. Kinds of foods you eat play a big part in how good your breath and how bright your smile is. Like other parts of body system requiring nutritional foods, your teeth are also craving for those good ingredients of healthy snacks and foods. Proper nutrition brings the good to your health.


Everywhere you go, you will see sticky candy, sugary sodas, and other bad foods. There is no need too much effort to obtain these foods since prices are inexpensive. Unfortunately these unhealthy foods become alternative when you a limited time to fill your stomach with right, proper foods. Being unaware of such things could lead you to the growth and development of bacteria attacking your teeth and gum. When you are about to have bad foods into your mouth, you need to remember these concerning to poor dental care: foods stay longer in teeth, foods that are too difficult to dissolve, and foods having high content of starch, sugar or citric acids.

After eating sweets or whatever unhealthy foods, you need to brush as soon as possible. Also you have to rinse as health dental care to remove food particles. In addition, you need to educate yourself by collecting further information of the right amount of sugar intake. Be sure to read sugar content first on food labels before choosing foods and drinks that have less sugar. Besides limiting or avoiding candy, sodas, and cookies you must floss daily, brush the teeth twice a day especially after having meal, visit dentist regularly, and drink enough water. Please watch what you eat to prevent something bad occurs especially to your teeth and generally to the whole body system. , , ,

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Sugar-Free Snacks for Healthy Teeth

Sugar-Free Snacks for Healthy Teeth

Brushing and flossing are not enough to maintain your healthy teeth. There are some dental cares you need to know so teeth decay and plaque do not occur so often. Limiting what kinds of foods and drinks coming into your mouth is one of dental cares aimed to avoid the oral cavity from harmful substances. We may hear lots of people saying that snacks and candy are bad for the teeth. But some people can’t resist of these tempting sweets. They tend to chew them once they get a free time or while doing some tasks behind the desk. That’s why knowing what is good and what is bad is necessary for the entire oral hygiene.

[caption id="attachment_367" align="aligncenter" width="369"]Young red head woman really wants to eat pink cupcakes Young red head woman really wants to eat pink cupcakes[/caption]

Avoid candy

Some people find themselves to be quite possible to stop chewing candy. It is so addictive especially when you have none to chew but candy. It has different flavors that would make you chew more and more. But all of us know that chewing too much candy is not good for teeth and gum health. If this is a bit difficult to stop having candy, you may start from the simple thing: reduce chewy varieties. Taffy and gummy bears are examples of candy which are too hard on jaw and teeth. More effort must be done to chew them. They also will stay for long on surfaces and create small spaces between teeth.

Sugar-free snacks are better

When you eat food or snacks that contain too much sugar, you develop high risk of bacteria causing decay. Apples and carrots are two instances of healthy snacks you can choose to treat mouth. They have abrasiveness to cleanse away dangerous substances from teeth’s surface.

As candy offers variety of kinds and flavors, people can’t get over it. So when you need something to chew, why don’t you just run into sugar-free products? Find xylitol written on the package. It has been known as natural sweetener that can reduce plaque buildup. As sugar may bring unhealthy effects, you can replace it with xylitol especially when baking. However, consuming something in excessive amounts is not always good although products or foods are safe. To avoid decay, xyllitol must be used in right amount. It is advised to chew gum containing xylitol only two pieces three times a day. You must remember this to maintain your healthy teeth. Balance the healthy snacks with brushing and flossing. You need to follow the right health dental care. , , ,

Friday, November 18, 2016

Keep Your Teeth Healthy with These Best Snacks

Keep Your Teeth Healthy with These Best Snacks

Nobody wants to feel the pain in and around teeth and gums. It is so relieving to open your mouth without worrying of bad breath as well with tooth decay when you give the brightest smile. But don’t you know that our feeling of craving for snacks and eating habits affect the health of oral cavity? Sometimes we are not aware of foods and drinks we consume. We just know that putting them in our mouth can give satisfaction but we don’t realize certain foods and drinks can lead to painstaking frowns caused by tooth decay and cavities. So what will we do to fix dental health? Having healthy snacks is one of good answers.


Snack choices shouldn’t stop on one option only. There are different kinds of snacks that would be good for teeth and gum health. People are advised to eat snacks that are beneficial and give fewer bad impacts to teeth and gums. Fruits and vegetables are believed as natural health dental care which is effective to avoid bad snacking options. It is quite difficult to ignore the calling of craving for some unhealthy snacks. When it happens, you can replace those bad snacks with something healthier. For example, you can have sugar free gum to chew as it is able to get rid of plaque and debris and keeps your teeth clean.

Consider to consume natural foods like pears, apples, and oranges since they are rich in fiber. They also contain the best amount of sweetness that would completely help you to leave the desire to eat unhealthy snacks behind. The fiber content fills you up and makes you full longer. Fruits and vegetables also consist of vitamins and minerals to improve a healthy system. Do not hesitate to keep sweet root vegetables like carrots in the storage as they offer the satisfaction of eating something healthy and sweet at the same time. So keep the healthy, bright smile by brushing teeth daily and consuming healthy snacks regularly , , , ,

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Holiday Comes! But Don’t Consume these Foods and Drinks for HealthyTeeth

The holiday comes and this is the very best chance to accept the holiday temptations of delicious, yummy foods that you are longing for a year just because of healthy diet you need to do. There will be no healthy snacks for a while in your dictionary because holiday means being fun! Well, okay, it is up to you. That’s your choice but who will be responsible for after eating cakes, pies and pastries in larger portions? Of course there’s nobody but you. Plus you have carbonated drinks and sodas on table or in refrigerator; it’s like to be a bad news for your teeth.

It is important to clean oral cavity regularly, especially during the holiday season as you will eat tons of sweets, cakes, carbonated drinks, etc. When you forget or ignore cleaning teeth and the whole oral cavity, a stubborn bacterial called Streptococcus mutans may produce sudden ‘superplaque’ that would endanger the enamel of the teeth. This is the result of drinking sodas and carbonated drinks. Holiday is identical with party or celebration all night long. When it ends, people are too tired for brushing teeth. That’s why such health dental care is often skipped when finally their head lies down on the bed. Slowly but sure the bacteria grows and attacks teeth.

People tend to buy teeth whitening products to keep their teeth clean and white. But you can save more money by avoiding several holiday foods and drinks like soda, coffee, tea, hot cocoa, blueberry pie, and cranberries to prevent stained teeth. Always use a straw when drinking tea and coffee as these two drinks may leave stain on teeth. Do not every try to consume refined sugar if you want to get healthy teeth which are free from plaque. Hard candies are also not allowed to chew as they may lead to tooth decay.
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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Healthy Snacks to Gain Weight Faster

Healthy Snacks to Gain Weight Faster

People said that it is much easier to gain weight than to lose it. Yes, it is true. By only eating junk food regularly, your weight will increase in short time. But of course, you cannot do that because it is not healthy. So in this article we give you some ideas of healthy snacks to help you gaining weight faster. Let’s take a look.


Granola is rich with fibers, protein and also calories. One cup of granola or one piece of granola bar contains more than 450 calories. If you want to gain weight faster, eat a bowl of granola or bar few times a day in between meal times.

Peanut butter

Peanut butter not only contains with calories that will help you gaining weight, but it also contains protein and fibers. However, peanut butter also contains saturated fats that will be bad for your heart. So make sure you do not eat it too much.


Tuna is rich omega-3 fatty acids and also protein. It is affordable and easy to prepare. Make sure you add tuna when you make healthy snacks.


Banana contains 100 calories, full sugar, fibers and potassium. Banana is a good packet for your program. Combine banana with peanut butter if you want to add more calories.

Whole milk or Soy Milk

Whole milk contains 150 calories and rich with protein. If you want to gain weight faster, make sure you drink whole milk regularly. For individuals who have lactose intolerant, they can drink soy milk. Soy milk contains calories almost the same amount of calories in whole milk.


Eggs contains the essential things that the body need like calories, protein, fats, and vitamin. However, eggs also have high cholesterol. So make sure you have control when you eat eggs as your healthy snacks. , ,

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Successful Healthy Snacks for Toddlers

Successful Healthy Snacks for Toddlers

Parents often face a hard time to make toddlers eat meals and it gets more frustrating if toddler is a pick-eater. Sometimes toddlers cannot finish their meals so there would be nutritional gap for them. To fill that gap, the easier way is by making snacks. But how to make successful healthy snacks for toddlers? Here are few tips for healthy snacks. Have a look.

Limit sugar and salt

Eating foods with high sugar and salt will lead to serious problems in future, for instance, chronical disease, cardiovascular disease, obesity and so on. Once toddler develop habit eating sugar and salt, there would be difficult to control them later. Thus limit sugar and salt to minimum when you make snacks.

Make it colorful

Colorful foods do not mean cakes with food colors. Make the snack colorful with real fruits like raspberries, strawberries, kiwi, orange, carrot, or broccoli. The more colorful the toddler got, they are likely more tempted to eat the foods.

Treat snacks like meals

When you serve snacks to toddlers, it is recommended to serve snacks like you serve meals, for example, you serve it on dinner table. That way not only you teach toddlers about table manner, but you also prevent the crumbs falling around the floor. Do not ever let your toddlers eating their snacks when they are crawling, walking, standing or lying down. They could be choked because of that. So always serve the snacks when they are sitting properly.

Snack before bed

Sleep will use all the calories inside the body even though we do not active too much. As a result the blood sugar levels drop and we feel hungry while we are sleeping. That is why your toddlers will wake up before they time. Give healthy snacks before bed like milk and crackers to fill them up while sleeping. , ,

The Heart Friendly Snacks That We Are Never Expected

The Heart Friendly Snacks That We Are Never Expected

We have an assumption that heart friendly foods do not have a good taste, for instance, the vegetables. But do you know that popcorn or chocolate are good for heart? Of course, if you eat them in reasonable portion. So what other foods that can be turn into healthy snacks? Have a look.



What a surprise that the ordinary popcorn we always eat while watching movies is good for heart. Popcorn is considered as whole grain and whole grain able to reduce the risk of heart disease. Popcorn also rich with antioxidant called polyphenol which have been linked to the improvement of heart health.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate especially that contains 70% cocoa solids is rich with flavanol and epicatechin. Flavanol affect the consistency of blood so the blood will be thinner. The thinning blood will make easier the work of cardiovascular organs. Flavanol also prevent inflammation by increasing the body’s immunity. While epicatechin will increase nitric oxide levels in blood and as a result the blood pressure keep stable.


Apple contains flavonoid compound that will prevent LDL (bad cholesterol) creating plaque in heart arteries. Apple also rich with fibers called pectin that will decrease the cholesterol level. That is why regular apple eaters have lower risk of getting chronical and cardiovascular disease than non-apple eaters.


Yoghurt is linked to improve heart disease related to mouth’s health. The experts believed that the health condition of your mouth have strong connection to heart problem. Yoghurt contains probiotic that will improve the mouth’s health and as a result improve the heart health too.


The minerals in almonds, magnesium and potassium, have good contribution to the blood flow. Almond also contains monounsaturated fats that are heart friendly. Thus eating almonds regularly as healthy snacks will decrease the risk of heart disease for 37%. , ,

Monday, November 14, 2016

Healthy Snacks for People with Type 2 Diabetes

Healthy Snacks for People with Type 2 Diabetes

For people with type 2 diabetes, planning a meal is important since they need balanced diet to control their blood sugar levels. Eating small portion but frequently is better than eating big portion in one time. The expert said that it is okay for people with type 2 diabetes eat snack as long as it is healthy snacks with enough fibers, protein and fats.


Chicken noodle soup

Criteria of healthy soup for diabetic patient is the soup contains low sodium, small amount of starch carbs, protein and non-starchy vegetables. Make your homemade soup with turkey or fish for protein and wild rice or potatoes (only small amount) for carbs.

Dried fruits and nuts

Dried fruits and nuts contain fiber and protein that would stabilize the blood sugar levels and reduce hunger. Almond and dried cranberries are good example for your healthy snacks. However, you must limit the portion since dried fruits and nuts are rich with calorie too. Don’t eat dried fruits and nuts more than two tablespoons of each, otherwise your blood sugar levels will spike.

Veggie sticks with hummus

Always keep veggie sticks (carrot, paprika, cucumber, celery or broccoli) in your refrigerator with hummus for the dips for snacking times. Hummus are rich with fibers and nutrients that are good to stabilize blood sugar level. But remember hummus also has high calories so make sure you don’t eat more than one-third of a cup. You can substitute hummus with yoghurt if you don’t like hummus’ texture.

Raisin and yoghurt

Raisin are rich with antioxidant which are good to protect your body from free radical agents. But it is also full of carbs though the carbs in raisin do not increase blood sugar level. In fact, raisin can decrease the blood pressure. Combine raisin with low-fat Greek yoghurt then you have healthy snacks for type 2 diabetes patient.


These Healthy Snacks will Make Children with ADHD Feeling Happy

These Healthy Snacks will Make Children with ADHD Feeling Happy

Making healthy snacks for children with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is a little bit tricky. It is because children with ADHD need more calories since they tend to be more active than the other kids and yet their appetite can be affected by the medication. We are going to give you some ideas about healthy snacks for children with ADHD. It is simple snacks so you can make it by yourself at home. Have a look.


Mini Pizza

Who doesn’t love pizza? You don’t have to make pizza dough, with whole-wheat English muffin you can create delicious mini pizza. Use low-fat cheese as the protein. Whole-wheat bread won’t make the blood sugar level rush too suddenly because it digested longer than the ordinary bread. The protein from cheese have longer satiated effect so your children won’t experience mood swings episode and protein good for the brain too.

Nuts and dried fruits

Children with ADHD need protein to feed the brain for the memory and learning. Nuts will provide protein that your children need. Dried fruits have enough fiber to satiate longer. Dried fruits and nuts also have enough calories to give the energy for hyperactive children.

Peanut butter and whole-wheat bread

Just like mini pizza, peanut butter and whole-wheat bread will give enough protein, fiber and calories for ADHD kids. Add banana too for alternative. The minerals and vitamins contained in banana are good for immunity.

Fruit shakes

If you have children who are picky eater especially with fruits, you still can provide the minerals, vitamins and fiber from fruits in the form of shakes. Use yoghurt instead of milk because yoghurt has less fats but still has enough protein. You can add flaxseeds in the shakes for omega-3 fatty acids.

Veggie sticks

Teach your children to like eating the veggie by providing veggie sticks as healthy snacks in refrigerator. Don’t forget to provide delicious dips too that your children may be tempted to eat the veggie with dips. , ,