Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Sugary Snacks: Do They Affect to your Healthy Teeth?

Sugary Snacks: Do They Affect to your Healthy Teeth?

The big question if you have friends or families ask you not to eat sweets or sugary snacks is what’s wrong with that? It is tasty, it tastes delicious and make your day bright, right?


We know that sugary snacks taste really sweet and good. However, are they healthy for your teeth? Do you know if candies, cookies, cakes and other kinds of them can cause tooth decay?

Not only sugary snacks but also other kinds of sugar such as corn sweeteners or fructose and table sugar or sucrose are included as causes of the tooth decay.

The Way of Sugary Snacks Attach your Teeth?

So firstly there is bacteria as invisible germs that have lived in your mouth all the time. Those bacteria, some of them form a sticky material. It is called as plaque. The plaque usually is on the surface of your teeth.

Then the bacteria, in the plaque, bolt up the sweet thingy and later turn it into acid. That happens when you eat sugar stuffs.

The acid that produced by the bacteria are powerful to harm your hard enamel on your teeth. That way the cavities occurs.

How to Have Smart Snack Habits?

If you want to munch snacks, you can freely choose sugar free or at least less sugar. You can eat popcorn, plain yogurt, nuts, seeds and whole grain.

And the mantra is being picky to snacks. Choose fresh fruits such as oranges, melons, tangerines, pineapple, grapefruit and pears.

Also eat raw vegetables around you like cucumbers, tomatoes, celery and carrots.

Whenever you eat or drink, please choose everything with unsweetened ingredients and avoid canned juice.

About the grain, you can choose the plain bagels, unsweetened cereals, unbuttered popcorn, tortilla    chips and bread.

You can still eat meat like chicken and turkey for getting the carbohydrate. And you still can enjoy pizza and tacos. ,

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