Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Let’s Have Healthy Teeth

Let’s Have Healthy Teeth

Don’t just save your kids’ healthy teeth by only brushing and flossing. You, as parents, should give balanced consumption such as rich in nutrition, low sugar foods and unsweetened snacks.


To give big sincere smile, you need to make sure your kids have good and healthy teeth. It is true that to have strong teeth, you need to eat various kinds of foods such as:

  • Sliced and fresh fruits for example watermelon

  • Celery sticks cut and spread on the cream cheese with sunflower seeds

  • Yogurt low fat type with fresh berries

  • Cheddar cheese and apples

  • Unsalted fish

  • Coconut flakes

  • Crunchy veggies

So, when is the best time for snacking?

The most important thing for you to be a reminder is that the more frequent you eat sweet snacks, the easier the bacteria will flourish in the mouth and of course making plaque.

To prevent the cavities is by limiting numbers of snacks. It will significantly decrease the plaques on the surface of the teeth.

Avoid to eat in the between mealtime. Should you want to eat sugary snacks, just eat a little as the meal in the mealtime.

It is true that our task is more difficult when kids start crying to ask something. However, we as parents should find other ways to make them entertained and give them explanation gently about the dangerous of sugary snacks.

We have to give them the image of the effect to have unhealthy teeth for their future. Having delicious snacks are only for minutes. But the effect is for the rest of their lives.

So, please make wise food choices to protect your families’ teeth with daily dental care that you can do at home. All the things you do for having healthy teeth for you, your spouse and your kids will be worth to fight for because they are the ones you love the most. ,

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