Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Good Habits to Assure Good Dental and Oral Health for Children

Good Habits to Assure Good Dental and Oral Health for Children

It has been widely misapprehended that baby teeth are not essential since they will simply fall out and be substituted by the adult teeth. This is in fact a huge misconception. Baby teeth are important factor in assuring good dental and oral health for his or her later life, which comprises of the followings:

  • Proper development of jaw

  • Eating with ease

  • Assuring the adult teeth grow into the proper place

  • Proper speaking

What to do at the Start of early healthy habits

For sure, healthy habits will lead to good dental health on children. Try to include the following tips into your dental parental guide to assure your baby’s teeth health.

happy family and health. mother and daughter baby girl brushing their teeth together

  • Brushing your child’s teeth twice a day by using fluoridated toothpaste

  • It is important to provide your little ones with brushing and flossing until they are able to write, not print, some simple words, like their own name for example.

  • Only use a small amount, pea-sized one, of fluoridated toothpaste on small soft toothbrush. It is also important to massage gently at the gum line, and then brush the outside, the chewing surface, and the inside of all teeth.

  • Daily cleaning by using fluoridated toothpaste is indeed fundamental since fluoride is important in preventing cavities and also stops any existing cavities from getting enlarged

  • When the baby’s teeth are touching and growing side by side, parents need to start flossing on daily basis. Be sure to ease the floss between the teeth.In addition, parents need to curve the floss against each tooth, and then gently scrap up and down regularly.

Snacking and Sipping

Tooth decay can occur when a child sips or snacks regularly, or for a certain expanded period of time. Parents may provide snack at scheduled hours, at least 2 hours before the meal times. Fruit juice, milk, and food or sweet drinks all contain sugar in them which can eventually cause tooth decay. Decay can occur if the teeth are in contact with any of these for extended period of time. Sticky foods are also especially troublesome since they remain on the teeth for quite a long time. Should thirst quencher is needed, be sure to give only water, rather than other sweet drinks, since this will not contribute to tooth decay.

Check for Signs of Tooth Decay Regularly

Be sure to check all sides of your baby’s teeth and also look along the gum line carefully. The early sign of tooth decay can appear as whitish surfaces on the teeth, which may evolve to brownish hue. If you spot a problem, consult your dentist immediately. The very first dental visit is highly recommended within the first six months of the first milk tooth coming in or just by your baby’s first birthday. Your dentist will suggest the frequency of your child’s visit. Look for dentist that is easy to reach.

So and so, parents need to embark on assuring their child’ dental health since the first time their baby is born. This initial effort should be made continuous throughout his or her life.


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