Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Are Sweets As Sweet As They Are?

Are Sweets As Sweet As They Are?

Do you like sweets? Do you like sweet snacks? If you do, the question is do you know that those food harm your teeth?

So, you must be questioning how much amount of sweets you can eat, right? Actually it is not about the amount of them but it is about how frequently or how often you eat.


If it comes for adult, we believe that you can be responsible to yourself. However, if it comes for kids, we should help them to give basic knowledge about the bad effects that they can get if they eat too much sweets.

So, the better solution is by giving the sweets as the main menu at the mealtime, not between the meals. Do you see the difference?

The mealtime that most of people know is at around 10 am and at 4 am. The time between meals is between after breakfast to lunch. After lunch until dinner and after dinner until breakfast.

If your kids are asking to eat sweets for their snacks, you should give their knowledge or explanation gently.

Medically, people need saliva to protect the teeth. And the saliva only produced at the mealtimes. So, it is better to eat sweets not in between the mealtime.

However if you think your kids can’t hold to eat sweets as their snacks, you can choose snacks with less sugar like popcorn, cheese, plain yogurt, nuts, seeds and grain.

For kids teeth sake, avoid the cotton candy and sticky sweets such as toffee and hard candy. Besides those are not healthy, those will give difficult task for your saliva to protect your teeth. The teeth will get ugly appearances if your kids eat too much sweets.

Your kids should have long life with good teeth. Good teeth will show good sincere smile that they can spread to their friends and world. You, as parents, should give better life experience for them, not shyness because they have unhealthy teeth. , ,

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