Thursday, September 8, 2016

Tips Healthy Dental Care

Tips Healthy Dental Care

It is a basic knowledge to know that your teeth do not like sweets and other sweet snacks. They are not healthy snacks. Besides to have brushing teeth routines minimum twice a day, you also need to know other knowledge about preserving teeth.

Preserving can be actions need to be done such as brushing and eating healthy snacks and preserving can be knowledge that will lead to broader paradigm.


For example about nutrition that the teeth should have. People might not think about eating fruits and vegetables in big numbers in a day. They might think that it is enough to have one to two glasses of juice everyday.

Actually this knowledge is wrong. So basically the nutrition for the teeth can be taken from cheese, peanut butter, nuts, plain yogurt, lots of fruits and vegetables.

Other tips are attitude to support the health dental care at home or wherever you go such as:

  • Try to have a little cheese or milk after breakfast, lunch or dinner. The cheese or milk will help you cut the acid in the mouth.

  • Don’t clean your teeth right away. The acid that you intake from food or drink will stay for a while after you finish eating. So, if you clean right away, you do wrong to your teeth because you remove some of your teeth’s surface. Let your saliva to battle with the acid first.

  • Avoid consuming acidic drink and food between meals. You need to wait the saliva is produced in your mouth.

  • Change your habit to eat sweets snacks and junk food. They are sweet as sweet their look but they are not your teeth’s friends. They are friends for you satisfaction but not to preserving your healthy teeth.

So those are some of the tips for having dental care as simply as you can. ,


  1. This is good! One of our daily problems is our oral hygiene. Thank you so much for the tips. It's really a good help