Thursday, September 8, 2016

Diet and Nutritional Advices for Assuring Healthy and Strong Teeth on Children

Diet and Nutritional Advices for Assuring Healthy and Strong Teeth on Children

Most experts are in agreement that children need to be given food from all the major groups of food in order to grow properly and stay fit and healthy. too many sugars, carbohydrates (for example, from cookies, cake, candies, fruit juice, milk, and the other sugary stuffs and drinks), and starches as well as savory foods (for example, potato chips and pretzels) can really trigger tooth decay to occur. How long carbohydrates can remain on the teeth is the primary culprit which leads to tooth decay. Here are some important pointers pertinent to selecting and eating foods for assuring children’s good dental health.


  • Keep veggies and fruits in your house to provide healthy snacks rather than carbohydrates. Choose veggies and fruits which contain a high amount of water, such as melons, pears, and cucumbers. Bring down the servings of banana and raisins for assuring children’s good dental health since these have concentrated sugar. Parents are supposed to brush their children’s teeth right away after these fruits are eaten.

  • Serve cheese during lunch time or as a snack. Cheese, especially Swiss, cheddar, and the other aged cheeses, are helpful to trigger the flow of saliva, eventually helps wash remaining food particles away from their teeth.

  • Sticky, chewy foods are to be avoided. Raisins, granola bars, and dried figs, oatmeal or butter cookies, caramel, jelly beans, molasses, syrup, and caramel will stick to children’s teeth very easily, which makes it difficult for the saliva to wash away. If your children consume these kinds of goods, make sure that you have them brush their teeth immediately after eatingfor assuring children’s good dental health.

  • Serve sugary treats only with meals. If sweets are include in your child’s diet plan, you need to give them as desserts right away after the meals. There is commonly an enhanced amount of saliva in the mouth around mealtime, making it much easier to wash food away from their teeth.

  • The mealtime drink is also helpful in washing away food particles on children’s teeth.

  • Get your kids in the habit of consuming as few snacks as possiblefor assuring children’s good dental health. Snacking frequency is far more essential than is the quantity which is taken. The time between meals allows the saliva to wash away the pertaining food particles which bacteria would feast on otherwise. In this case, frequent snacking, without proper brushing immediately after each snack, will merely provide constant fuel to feed the cavity-causing bacteria. This will eventually lead to plaque development and also tooth decay. Make sure that you limit the snacks as much as possible as and to no more than one or two per day. Brushing the teeth immediately after eating the snack, when possible.

  • Avoid any sugary foods which linger on the teeth. These include hard candies, lollipops, mints, and cough drops all will contribute to tooth decay since they can continuously coat their teeth with sugar.

  • Purchase foods which do not contain sugar.

  • Never give your baby a bottle which contains milk, soda, juice, or even formula. In case your baby needs bottle at his or her bedtime, just fill it with plain water only.


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