Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Healthy Snacks For Your Dent

Healthy Snacks For Your Dent

When you are focus in your dental health, but still craving and want to eat snacks, then you need to eat healthy snacks that will not make your teeth illness. There are many foods that not good enough for your teeth, especially the sugary snacks. It is taste good, but it effect teeth decay when you forget to clean it after eat that foods. Some sugary foods also contain with fat too. Therefore, when you want to have healthy teeth, then you need to make list for healthy snacks.

Healthy snacks for your dent

How you can smart snacking and protect your teeth from teeth decay? Before you start chewing foods, ask yourself again, whether it loaded with full sugar or not. Keep in your mind that there are certain sweets foods that also able result damage to others. The chewy foods will make you spend more time for sticking into your teeth surface. When the foods are sticking and stay in your mouth longer, they will make your teeth experience sugary bath longer. Think more about how often you snacking and when. Choose the healthy snacks that will prevent your teeth.

The acids form in your mouth can damage your teeth when you eat sugary snacks. The acid then will affect your teeth at least 20 minutes before they become neutralized and not harmful for the teeth. More times you eat sugary foods, it means that there is more time for you to feed the bacteria often in your mouth and make it tooth decay. If you want to eat sweet sugary foods, then the best time for eat sweets is take as dessert after the main meal instead you eat sweets meals in certain several times a day between your meals day. Always brush your teeth with toothpaste that added with fluoride afterward. By taking smart snacking time, this will keep you have health dental care in your own home. ,

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