Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Healthy Snacks for Dental Care

Healthy Snacks for Dental Care

Snacks are one of the most favorable foods for anyone. People have snacks during the break time or working time without realizing the bad effects of the snacks, especially for teeth. That is why, it is necessary for you to consume the snacks that are considered to be healthy. There are some options regarding the special snacks. These snacks are considered to be good in maintaining health dental care.

1. Healthy Snacks for Dental Care

Your teeth need nutrients to protect and to make it strong. For those reasons, you should consume snacks like grain breads, fruits, cereal, and even vegetables. You can make cookies from the cereal and make fruit or vegetable salads.  You should also have some milk or cheese. These foods can break down acid in mouth. You can also have some nuts or seeds. You can combine the 2 ingredients with the salads. Peanuts butter as well as plain yogurt is delicious and healthy snacks. If you like pop corn, you are on the right track. This snack is also great for health dental care.

If the above foods are healthy snacks, the foods below are bad snacks for your teeth. First of all, you should avoid eating or drinking foods or beverages that contain acid erosion. Why? Apparently, this acid stays in your mouth. The minerals in your teeth will be taken away; for that reason, your teeth will be damage or even more sensitive. The examples of acid erosion drinks are soda, lemonade, or orange juice.

You should also think twice before you consume sweets. If you want these snacks, you should have it during mealtimes. The saliva in your mouth during mealtimes keeps away your teeth from decay.  Overall, there are many kinds of foods, especially snacks that you should avoid. Some snacks are good for your teeth because it protects and gives nutrients that can maintain health dental care.


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