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Good Dental Health for Children: Part Two

Good Dental Health for Children: Part Two

Assuring good dental health and habit for children surely requires a great deal of commitment on the part of parents, as the main care giver for their children. In order to establish good dental health habit for children, there should be some early treatments and preventive efforts. Let me point out some other important issues that parents need to be aware of.

Good Dental Health for Children [ Part Two ]

Check the Levels of Fluoride at Six Months

Also at around 6 months of age, it is important to determine if your child should receive optimal fluoride levels or if the supplement of fluoride is required. One thing to bear in mind is that is has to be figured out by your pediatrician, dentist, or family physician.

Begin Semi-Annual Exams at One Year

By one year of age, children should have their first dental checkup and then continue it every 6 months thereafter so as to maintain and assure good oral and dental health for a lifetime. In this regard, regular dental examinations with your family dentist is the best way devoted to maintaining good oral health and to identifying any possible dental problems. Once you have instilled the importance of regular visit to family dentist, your child will start to develop the awareness of good dental habit and hygiene on children.

At the age of 7-8 and 12 Years Old, Start Applying Dental Sealants

Additionally, the use of dental sealants is, to varied extent, new preventive mechanism useful in preventing dental cavities in newly grown permanent back teeth (molars) and ought to be placed on 6 years and again on 12 year molars. If you are really new to it, try to get some recommendations from your dentist on how to use it and how extensive I should be applied on your children.

The Sealant Program of Healthy Smiles

The Sealant Program of Healthy Smiles

Due to the fact not all children are able to receive the routine dental care or sealants, certain programs have been commenced so as to enhance the access to dental care. Especially, dental disease is the most common unmet health care need in Ohio.Such program is also meant to assure that all children receive the essential dental care that they need the most. Several services of the Healthy Smiles Sealant Programs are meant to:

  • Examine all the second, the third, or the sixth graders with a signed agreement form in the School District of Cleveland Metropolitan

  • Place sealants on all at-risk ever-lasting molar teeth for free

  • Refer all children who need the additional care to essential community dentists

  • Teach all children from all ages, ranging from pre-kindergarten to those at the third grade and sixth graders in an endeavour to enhance their dental knowledge and promote the best oral as well as dental health

Dental health programs are actually available in some other cities, so just check to see if there is one in your local area. You can also find more detailed information pertinent to the Healthy Smiles Sealant Program at Establishing, Funding, and Sustaining A University Outreach Program in Oral Health. Just remember that good dental health for children is also essential in enhancing good general health. ,

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