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Dental Health Care Tips for Children: Implementing Good Technique and Flossing

Dental Health Care Tips for Children: Implementing Good Technique and Flossing

So, here you are, the last two tip on dental health care for good dental health habit onchildren. Brushing and flossing are indeed good thing to instill in our children, but how are parents supposed to do this, especially as a part of daily basis?

Dental Health Care Tips for Children [Implementing Good Technique and Flossing]

Using good technique

Dr. Chinn has one recommendation for the practice of aggressively brushing back and forth, which is a big “NO”. That can surely create serious damage on the teeth and gums, he says. Tilt the bristles a bit forward the gums and then gently brush in tiny little circles for better results, which will eventually touch every surface of each of your child tooth. The general suggestion is to brush your children’s teeth for about a couple of minutes, divided into 30 seconds of interval in each quadrant of the mouth, but Dr. Harvell relinquishes a rather real-life spin on that particular suggestion. If your child already has two teeth, you do not have to brush for 2 minutes, he said. And with our fussy 3-year-old child, we may not be able to do the brushing work for two minutes. In this case, even preschoolers with all of their teeth still do not have their 6-year molars, therefore for kids at the age of 5 and under we should be able to get all the surfaces in one minute or so, she recommends. What really counts here is the technique and how much plaque that you are getting off. This surely be a great start to instill good dental health habit on children.There is one more important thing that parents to note.

Daily Flossing. This is not optional, even for young kids

I cannot really tell you how many parents think that flossing is something that they do when the permanent teeth have come in, said Dr. Havell. However, parents want to start as soon as possible as the teeth are beginning to touch each other. What counts here is that no matter how well parents brush their child’s teeth, if they are touching parents are not going to be able to get all of the food remain or plaque out of their children’s mouth. Obviously, technique also counts here. Those little-kid disposable flossers are OK, so long as you still pull the floss firmly against the sides of your child’s tooth. Sometimes parents have to do just whatever is important, sayd Dr. Harvell. In my case, my two-year-old child has bitten me before, and it does hurt! Any way you can encourage and motivate your children, just go for it for the sake of good dental health habit on children. Well, except with sweets.

Daily Flossing

To sum up, parents surely have a lot to do so as to assure good dental health habit on children. Without a doubt, children need to be assured and reassured in a long terms in order to establish such a healthy habit for their tooth. These 5-top tips on dental care for children will help parents out to ascertain happy smile on their children’s face for many years to come.



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