Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Dental Health Care for Children: How to Promote Good Habits at Young Age (Part Two)

Dental Health Care for Children: How to Promote Good Habits at Young Age (Part Two)

In order to deal with parents and children not getting excited about good dental health and hygiene, I always advise them to make the process as fun as possible. In this case, parents can read their children’s favourite stories, watch funny videos, or sing some songs so as to keep their children entertained while they do the brushing. I am indeed a huge proponent of any supplementary activity which can help shape toothbrushing as a bonding experience between children and parents. It is an important learning process, so let us just give it a positive emotional tie rather than make it feel like a tedious and boring routine. My main goal is to assure that parents and children are both equally excited about toothbrushing routine so that the sentiment can establish a strong foundation for good oral hygiene in families. This can surely assure good dental health for many years to come.

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It is also important to show families that good oral hygiene is not supposed to end with regular manual toothbrushing. Having power toothbrush with connected application can be great motivator which helps children understand what happens when they do the brushing job. I often recommend Philips Sonicare for Kids since it shows good oral hygiene habits in a very visual way, thus making it easier for children to learn the proper brushing. For instance, children can navigate the app with the help of their oral care training buddy, Sparkly. Children can easily see how the sugar bugs disappear from Sparkly’s teeth just as they scrub away. It translates into personal lesson, which is appealing, about how to get rid of sugar bus on their own teeth.

Also, don’t forget the parents. For parents are the important role models of good oral hygiene outside of the dentist’ office, young kids want to imitate their parents and then use the same tools. A lot of our patients’ parents use power toothbrushes also, which are called Philips Sonicare brushes. The new power brushes from Philips for kids is the natural innovation for young children that want to have a gadget like dad’s and mom’s.

role models of good oral hygiene outside of the dentist’ office

I also give various tips and dental health care products around full oral-ealth-care rituals which will be important to prevent future cavities. Once children are old enough to start brushing with fluoridated toothpaste on their own two times in a day, there will be additional products that you can recommend as useful combination therapy approach tools. One such dental health product is Philips SonicareTongueCare, which is useful in attaching sugar bugs which stick to the tongue. Regardless what your dental health care products you choose, it is so important to make sure that both children and there are paying attention to the whole oral-health-care routine from the outset.

All in all, it is very important that parents remember that oral health is an important of total dental health care. Therefore, parents need to pay attention to every single dental health care products they provide for their little ones and also consistently model proper good dental habit. ,

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