Friday, August 19, 2016

6 Top Dental Health Tips for Children

6 Top Dental Health Tips for Children

There is no need to wait till your baby has teeth to lay the fundamental foundations for good dental or general health. In fact, oral hygiene and good nutrition can being right away. It is then up to parents to develop the routines which will help them to protect their children from various problems, which range from tooth decay to various oral health problems. Let’s get started! Here are 6 top dental health tips for children that parents need to take into account.

6 Top Dental Health Tips for Children

  1. Start Correct Oral and Dental Hygiene Habits ASAP

In this case, parents need to gently clean their infants’ gums and newly growing first teeth right after each breast feeding or bottle feeding with a water-soaked gauze pad. Or, damping with wash cloth will do.

  1. Brush the Teeth with Care

Just as your baby’s teeth have come in, you need to brush them gently using a small, soft-bristled tooth brush no more than just a thin smear of fluoridated toothpaste. The amount of toothpaste used is supposed to increase, properly, as the child gets older.

  1. Teach Good Dental Habit to Your Children

When your child turns three, you can start teaching him or her the correct or proper brushing techniques with no more than just a pea-sized amount of fluoridated toothpaste. Parents should follow up their efforts by brushing the teeth gently again. In this case, consistency is the key to assuring children’s good dental health. Therefore, parents need to be able to model the right technique. When your child is about six years old, he or she should develop the dexterity to brush the teeth along. As your child becomes better and independent in brushing the teeth, you can then start introducing the use of floss.

  1. Check the Water for Fluoride

Parents need to be sure that the water supply serving their home is fluoridated. If it does not contain fluoride, then they are supposed to discuss the supplement options with their dentists. Bear in mind that toothpaste and also a number of foods may provide fluoride.

  1. Battle Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

Don’t let your children go to sleep carrying their pacifier or bottle which contains anything, except water. When the teeth are exposed to fluids which contain sugar frequently for a long period, the possibility of tooth decay is likely to increase significantly.

6 Top Dental Health Tips for Children 1

  1. Avoid “Excessive” Sugar Intake

Understand that if your child consumes sugar, it will take his or her saliva a minimum of half an hour so as to neutralize the acidity which is created by decay-generating bacteria. A sugary snack every single hour can meant that your child’s mouth is always acid, which eventually will increase the chances of tooth decay to occur.

In a nutshell, battling tooth decay and assuring children’s good dental health call for extensive commitment on the part of parents. Children, especially at young age, needs proper and gentle assurance of how they are supposed to take care of their teeth.  For sure, creating dental home will be a perfect effort to assure white and healthy smile on children’s face for many years.



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  2. Such great dental health tips! I have a one year old and she, surprisingly, loves brushing her teeth but I did not know some of the other things like gold fish and raisins aren't good for her teeth.

  3. This is a really good representation in a way children would understand by using terms they are familiar with dental health care tips. Good job!