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Saffron Health Benefits

Saffron Health Benefits

Saffron is a special kind of vegetables. It sold at premium price since the age of antiquity because of its attractive color, flavor and medicinal properties.  Saffron itself is a dried stigma or threads of the flower with latin name Crocus Sativus. It's a bulbous perennial plant from the family Iridaceae. This exotic spice is native to Southern Europe, and today it's actively cultivated worldwide.  Particularly at Spain, Italy, Greece, France, Turkey and Iran. India is also known producer with 2 active states in Jammu and Kashmir.

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Saffron health benefits would be this article's main subject. it is not exhaustive but can hopefully serve as introduction for you to know and maybe later have a try on this exquisite piece of spice.

Health benefits of consuming saffron.

Treating Depression.

When taken correctly Saffron health benefits can be used to treat mild to moderate amount of depression. it's just as effective as some popular medicine prescribed by doctors  for depression.  To be effective however the most important thing is to get a good original (100%) Saffron from reputable dealers.  The saffron may only consist of its red filaments.

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Once you received the saffron. You can start using it right away by soak it in broth, warm water or milk. Before cooking with it.  This will make the effect more potent when you add it as seasoning to any recipes.  If you don't want to cook with the saffron. Alternatively you can just soak it into your tea and milk and start drinking it.  For this however you need at least ten strands of the saffron to your drink with some added sweetener of your preference.  Mix well then enjoy. The saffron can also help treat insomnia which also relates to depression.

Cancer treatment.

Research suggest that one of saffron health benefits is able to deal deadly blows to cancer. Cancer is basically a lump of abnormal cells that formed together and deteriorate the host's condition. Saffron deals with cancer by entering the cancer cells and send signal of apoptosis or cell death. The cancer cells will later undergo suicide and dig its own grave.  Beside ability of inducing cell death. Saffron also contains Carotenoids. a substance which is toxic and can cause deadly reactions to some types of cancer cells in body such as Leukemia, Sarcoma and cancerous carcinoma cells.  Thus it's highly recommended to take saffron as part of the means to fight your cancer. There are many more of Saffron health benefits remain to be discovered. ,

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