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Rooibos tea health benefits

Rooibos tea health benefits

Rooibos tea is a beverages originated from South Africa. It’s not a real tea but made out of rooibos plant. A family of legumes. Like peppermint tea. This beverages originally only consumed by africaners but soon with the power of globalization. The drink spreads around the globe. In this article we will offer you some information on Rooibos tea health benefits. It’s no small account so if you ever stumble upon this tea, make sure to get and try it. Plus it has no side effect.

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The Health benefits.

Rooibos tea health benefits are myriad, thanks to its high content of antioxidant and various other nutritions. The tea also contain no oxalic acid, thus it’s safe to be consumed by person who have CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) or tendency to form kidney stone.  In this section however we will describe several more health benefits of rooibos tea’s nutrient.

Rooibos Tea for your bones and teeth

Rooibos tea is rich in calcium, manganese, zinc and fluoride. Those are the minerals that assist in bone formation and promotes repair to damaged bones and teeth.  By drinking Rooibos tea, you increased the bio-availability of those minerals in your system. Thus not only have healthier bone and teeth but you may also have reduced risk of contracting conditions like arthritis, chronic joint pain and osteoporosis.

The manganese content in the Rooibos tea works even further that it can stimulates enzymes which required to form new bones and repair damaged one. Fluoride is another useful substance which associated with dental health, that it can be found in your tap water or toothpaste and mouthwash solution. This Rooibos tea health benefits for your bones and teeth cannot be understated.

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Rooibos tea for your heart and circulatory system

Rooibos tea contains quercetin. It's a powerful antioxidant which linked to prevention of wide variety of heart conditions. It's an anti inflammatory that can reduces blood pressure. Quercetin also scavange free radicals and promotes in increasing level of good cholesterol and inhibits bad one from binding to the walls of artery and blood vessels. Thus contribute in adding additional protection against various heart conditions like atherosclerosis, stroke and heart attacks. Because of that antioxidant content rooibos tea health benefits your heart and circulatory system greatly.


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