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Natural migraine treatment

Natural migraine treatment

At some point we might suffer from mysterious headache which only occurs at one side of the head  with no apparent reason. In this article we will provide insight on migraine and share some self help natural migraine treatment that you can do yourself.

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Migraine attacks may cause intense throbbing or pulsing sensation in one area of your head. Commonly accompanied by feels of nausea and vomiting and somehow extreme sensitivity to light and sound.  Migrain also induce significant pain that can last from hours to as extreme as days. It could even be so severe that it will impair your senses and make you think only to find dark, and quiet place to lie down.

Some migraine attack are preceded or come along with sensory warning symptoms like seeing aura, or other form of visual effects such as flashes of light, blind spot and even some physical feels like tingling in your arm or leg

Treatment for migraine usually comes in shape of medications that can help reduce frequency of occurring and pain severity of the migraine. If you have a migraine treatment in the past that does not work. You should consult to your medical assistance or doctor for other form of treatment.  Right medicine and some combination of natural migraine treatment and some changes in lifestyles may make a big differences in your condition

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Some migraine treatment

            Aside from medication there are several self help and do it yourself method that you can use as natural migraine treatment. However they are not meant to replace a session of visit to your doctor or medical institution.

Try to take a walk

Walking outside could be the possible solution for your migraine. going for a walk, and have a fresh air may do a miracle to your migraine, particularly if something physical like staring at screen for too long or other heavy activities. You may go walk somewhere quiet, take a deep breathe and let your mind wander. it will hopefully do wonder to your migraine. We are also share some tip for your walking session.

-Stick to nature, quiet country road or a secluded sandy beach is ideal. However if you live in city, nearby city park will do just as well

-Pick your pace and make it a bit of a jogging session if you like. Scientific studies shown that aerobic do help reducing intensity and frequency of migraine.


You may also use icepack to compress your head and thus treat your migraine. The ice will help relaxing the muscle and reduce throbbing.

Bathing Session

Another possible treatment for your migraine. A session of bath can allow your body to relax, especially padded with aromatherapy may help alleviating the pain caused by the migraine.  However a simple and quick shower can help to wash every stress and hopefully your migraine too.

Head Massage

Another natural migraine treatment. you can give yourself head massage, using your thumb or index fingers. Apply gentle pressure to part of your head where the migraine occurs. You can do this for 10 to 15 seconds or even longer if necessary. ,

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