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Migraine Triggers

Migraine Triggers


At some point we might suffer from mysterious headache which only occurs at one side of the head  with no apparent reason. In this article we will provide insight on migraine and share some information on possible activities and migraine triggers.

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Migraine attacks

Migraine attacks caused an intense throbbing or pulsing sensation in one or more area of your head. It Commonly accompanied by feels of nausea and can also induce vomiting. Migraine can somehow lead to extreme sensitivity to light and sound.  Migrain also induce significant pain that can last from hours to as extreme as days. It could even be so severe that it will impair your senses and make you think only to find dark, and quiet place to lie down.

Some migraine attack are preceded or come along with sensory warning symptoms like seeing aura, or other form of visual effects such as flashes of light, blind spot and even some physical feels like tingling in your arm or leg.


There are several migraine triggers which successfully identified by the scientist. Thus by knowing them, you can learn and try to evade or reduce probability of it.


One important source that can become migraine triggers. Dramatic increase in physics or psychological stress can induce migraine according to Danish researchers.  It has been discovered that majority of migraine patients experience the disease in state of high stress.   With percentages of over 50 to 80%  for patient got their migraine triggers after a stressful event. Some others however experienced it in the midst of the stressful event.

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Hunger and dehydration

If you were happen to have migraine, it might be better for you for not to skip meals. Research suggests repeatedly that skipping meals is frequently linked with migraine attacks. It's not certain on what to make of that. Some others suggest that the falling of blood glucose level was the culprit.

Dehydration has also been considered and suggested as possible trigger for migraine attack. Inability to drink enough water has been linked to onset of migraine. A survey conducted on migraine sufferer indicates that lack or insufficient intake of fluid was linked to migraine in about 40 percent of the survey respondent.

Sleeping Disorders

Sleep disturbances is one of the culprit that linked to migraine attacks.  Lack of sleep is often considered as trigger for acute migraine attacks. So is excessive sleep which can trigger similar attack.  Another trigger is sudden change in work schedule and jet lag which linked to migraine attacks.  Insomnia is the most common sleep disorder that often connected with chronic migraine.  Patients suffering from chronic migraine also often suffer from insomnia with risk for increased anxiety and depression.

Fortunately however it's also shown that sleep more often can relieves their migraine headaches.


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