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Lupus symptoms in females

Lupus symptoms in females

Lupus is a kind of disease which referred as auto immune disease. It’s a case when your body immune system mistakenly consider that your own healthy cell is hostile.  This disease’s cause however remain to be discovered but believed to be caused by multiple factors such as genetics, lifestyles and other cases.  In this articles however we will discuss about lupus symptoms in females as well as so general outlook in Lupus.

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This disease has been long known since ancient time. As early as the 12th century. However there are still not much known about lupus symptoms in females and lupus in general. The next era of lupus research occurred in 19th century specifically in 1851 where a French physician Pierre Cazenave defined a term discoid lupus.  To differentiate it from another form of skin rash.

Further work in 19th century by Ferdinand von Hebra and his son in law Moritz Kapozi led to the further discovery on lupus symptoms in females. In the end of the 19th century. Sir William Osler released three papers containing extensive observation and even visceral research on several types of diseases including Lupus.

The modern research on lupus begin ay 1930’s with many research about the nature and possible treatment on the disease.

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Signs and symptoms

Diagnosing lupus symptoms in females can be difficult as the sign and symptoms can resemble other form of skin rash problem. There are no two case of lupus are precisely alike. Some may present with full symptoms while other case may have one or two symptoms without showing another. It can develop in short time or long time, could be gentle to severe and can be permanent or temporary.  Most people with lupus have gentle sickness which characterized by term episodes or flares where signs and symptoms for their lupus decline in just minutes then improve and completely disappear for a time.

The signs and lupus symptoms in female  can be different to other patient. There are however several generalized signs that lupus might already attacked.

  • fatigue and fever with no apparent cause

  • Pain in the joint, accompanied with stiffness and swelling

  • Tell tale signature of lupus, the appearance of butterfly shaped rash that can cover your cheeks or nose bridge

  • The appearance of skin lesions that worsen after exposed to sun rays

  • Raynaud's phenomenon where fingers and toes turned color to white or blue after exposure to cold in several periods

  • Breath shortness

  • Chest pain

  • Dry eyes which can be very annoying and may require artificial eye water treatment

  • Headache, memory loss and confusion, may lead to vertigo.


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