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Home remedies for diarrhea

Home remedies for diarrhea

What’s faster than light ? None other but diarrhea and hoax. By the time you feel it, you might already feel something weird in your stomach and pants in just a few moments. Diarrhea is very common and it caused by wrong food you ingested that got contamined  by bacteria or viruses.  There are many types of diarrhea from secretory to inflammatory when the bacteria finally infect and damage the linings in your digestive tracts. In this article however we will discuss and offer some information about home remedies for diarrhea.

Pain in the abdomen

Some home remedies

Before you go to doctor, you may consider some following home remedies for diarrhea  to treat your children or perhaps your own condition. This will involve bit of medications and  steps.  These steps of home remedies for diarrhea treatment should get you to a safer position, by preventing problems related to diarrhea like dehydration.

Step #1 :Maintain the Liquid Balance

You must increase liquid intake, probably just small sip of water or rehydration drink and small bites of salty crackers or sugar-salt solution for diarrhea to keep your liquid ion balance stable.   The liquid intake can be increased to at least 1 liter per hour for about 1 or 2 hours, or longer if you still have large amounts of diarrhea. A note however, if you have CKD or Chronic Kidney Disease or other conditions such as liver problem that requires you to limit liquid consumption. you must immediately visit your doctor.

Step#2 : recovering from the diarrhea

The diarrhea usually cures by itself after hours or few days. Depending in your condition you can start eating. but limit yourself to mild food or porridge. and avoid these food.

Avoid : Spicy food, fruits, alcohol and caffeine. For about 48 hours after all symptoms disappeared.

Avoid : Chewing gun and other products containing sorbitol

Avoid : Drinking milk for about 3 days after symptoms disappear. In other hand milk products like cheese and yogurt are recommended  as these products contains probiotics, bacteria that helped your digestion system.

When to take medications

Home remedies for diarrhea-pic1

Eventually for home remedies for diarrhea, you may need to take medications. Fortunately there are many available today. Their working mechanism can range from help thickening the stool, reducing the intestinal spasms and probiotics which can help increase the number of helpful bacteria that help digestion. One tip however is only resort to medication for diarrhea that lasts longer than 6 hours. ,

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