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Healthy Food for Kidneys

Healthy Food for Kidneys

Kidney is one important organ in our system. It is actually a small organ, smaller than your palm. The functions however is of a grave importance as it’s to filter our blood from unnecessary minerals and water. Poisons and other metabolism results are also filtered and disposed through kidneys. Thus it is important for everyone to have healthy kidney. In this article we will visit the healthy food for kidneys, not really food but a diet plan that can help your kidney healthy, and for people who already contract CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) to prevent further degradation of kidney function.

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The diet plan

You are what you eat. and what you drink too.  The basic of healthy food for kidneys is to plan a balanced diet which low on salt and fat. As both of them directly related to blood pressure.  In case of diabetes, you can also help controlling your blood glucose level  by careful choice of what to consume and to drink.  Through the means of control for both diabetes and blood pressure then it can prevent kidney diseases or keep the diseases manageable.

The kidney friendly diet may help and protect your kidney from further damage. Typical plan for kidney friendly diet may include limiting certain foods in order to prevent build up of mineral in your body. It will also involve drinking enough amount of water.

What to limit in the diet plan ?

When your kidneys area unit not operating similarly as they must, waste and fluid build up in your body. Over time, the waste and extra fluid will cause heart, bone and other health issues. A healthy food for kidneys limits what quantity of sure minerals and fluid you eat and drink. This can facilitate keep the waste and fluid from increase and inflicting issues.

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How strict your meal set up ought to be depends on your stage of uropathy. In the early stages of uropathy, you may have very little or no limits on what you eat and drink. As your kidney diseases gets worse, your doctor may suggest that you limit consumption of :


This mineral present in almost all food. For healthy food for kidney however, your doctor may suggest to limit potassium consumption as damaged kidney can no or very limited in processing ability to filter it.  The following are some low potassium food that can be helpful for your kidney.


Apples, cranberries, grapes, pineapples and strawberries


Cauliflower, onions, peppers, radishes, summer squash, lettuce


Pita, tortillas and white breads

Fat source

Beef and chicken, white rice


Phosporus is one important mineral for our body. It works together with calcium and vitamin D to keep our bones healthy and strong.  Damaged kidneys however just like potassium, may unable to control the level of phosporus in your blood. Thus your doctor may suggest to limit consumption of phosporus rich food


Our body requires amount of fluid to work well. For healthy food for kidneys however, consumption of fluid might be limited as damaged kidneys might not be able to get rid of extra fluid.



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