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Health care tips for men

Health care tips for men

Every man want so be healthy, living a good life and if possible having enough wealth for fulfilling some extra needs of vanity. In this article we offer some health care tips for men which also works for basically anyone. The tips are easy to be done, though some might be counter intuitive but it can work. So without further a do let the journey begin.

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#1 : Coffee for healthy nap

This might seem weird, as people usually take coffee to prevent sleeping. But this do work and have scientific base to make it legit health care tips for men.

Ingesting about 200 milligrams of caffeine which is one or two cups of coffee and then take nap or rest for twenty minutes have shown increased alertness and performance on computer test than those who only take a nap. According to a Japanese study.

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The reason on how it works lies in the fact that after 20 minutes passed. The caffeine started to working and clears the brain of a molecules called adenosine. a Molecules which is a byproduct of wakefulness and activities. According to Allen Towfigh. MD. Medical director of New York Neurology and Sleep medicine. The increase of adenosine level may cause us to be more fatigued. Napping clears out adenosine and with combination of Caffeine it can further block the adenosine and enhance the effect of napping.

In short drink coffee and sleep for twenty minutes is good  health care tips for men


#2 : For healthy teeth, don’t brush up after you eat.

Believe it or not. But it’s true, scientific finding have proven that teeth enamel layer got weaken after we eat or drink, especially if we eat acidic drinks or food.  Brushing your teeth at that moment can speed up the weakening process. Recommended time to brush however is about an hour after eat.


#3 : Eat more to eat less.

Not what it really seems but it will be helpful to eat food that have more calories and can make you full longer than suddenly eat piece of pretzel which, give you carbs but can’t help you in fighting crave for more.  If you were happen to be on diet and want to suppress craving/hunger for food one tips you can do is eat the following. A piece of apple with peanut butter can give you the required nutrition, protein and fat which can give you energy, plus the fiber in apple can make you last longer.



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