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Health benefits of sesame seeds

Health benefits of sesame seeds

Open sesame, let the keyword out to the world and open the cave of treasure. In this article however we will offer some information about the health benefits of sesame seeds. Granted that this is not a gold nor precious metal but health is one greatest treasure a man or woman can ever had.

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What make sesame seeds special and what benefits.

One health benefits of sesame seeds is that the seeds are major source of healthy minerals required by your body.  It contains copper, good amount of manganese, plus additional minerals like Magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc and selenium. Those minerals translates to following health benefits :

Copper, reliever for those with rheumatoid arthritis

If you got yourself some rheumatoid arthritis, you may want to include some sesame seeds to your diet. The copper content inside the seeds are known to be able to relieve some of the painful symptoms associated with arthritis. The effectiveness of copper lies in fact that this mineral is important for a numbers of anti inflammatory and antioxidant enzyme systems. Additionally copper plays important role as a part of lysyl oxidase activation. It's an enzyme needed for activation and cross linking between collagen and elastin. The ground substance that contribute to elasticity in your veins, bones and joints.

Zinc for your bones

Sesame seeds also rich of zinc, which will help your bone density.  Osteoporosis is often considered to only happen with highest risk for post menopause women. It is also a problem to the older men as well.  Statistic said that 1 to 8 men having hip fracture is caused by osteoporosis. In other hand a study was released by the Journal of Clinical Nutrition that suggest correlation between low intake of zinc with osteoporosis. Thus for the sake of your bones, you may want to increase the amount of sesame you eat to gain health benefits of sesame seeds.

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Pythosterol, the cancer reducer

Pythosterol is a kind of compounds found in plants that have similar structure as cholesterol.  This substance when present in your diet in an amount can reduce blood levels of cholesterol, enhance immunity response and reduce cancer risk.  Sesame seeds is yes, good source of pythosterols plus other nutritions that can benefit your body.  So start eating it in quantity to gain this one of the health benefits of sesame seeds.



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