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Saffron Health Benefits

Saffron Health Benefits

Saffron is a special kind of vegetables. It sold at premium price since the age of antiquity because of its attractive color, flavor and medicinal properties.  Saffron itself is a dried stigma or threads of the flower with latin name Crocus Sativus. It's a bulbous perennial plant from the family Iridaceae. This exotic spice is native to Southern Europe, and today it's actively cultivated worldwide.  Particularly at Spain, Italy, Greece, France, Turkey and Iran. India is also known producer with 2 active states in Jammu and Kashmir.

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Saffron health benefits would be this article's main subject. it is not exhaustive but can hopefully serve as introduction for you to know and maybe later have a try on this exquisite piece of spice.

Health benefits of consuming saffron.

Treating Depression.

When taken correctly Saffron health benefits can be used to treat mild to moderate amount of depression. it's just as effective as some popular medicine prescribed by doctors  for depression.  To be effective however the most important thing is to get a good original (100%) Saffron from reputable dealers.  The saffron may only consist of its red filaments.

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Once you received the saffron. You can start using it right away by soak it in broth, warm water or milk. Before cooking with it.  This will make the effect more potent when you add it as seasoning to any recipes.  If you don't want to cook with the saffron. Alternatively you can just soak it into your tea and milk and start drinking it.  For this however you need at least ten strands of the saffron to your drink with some added sweetener of your preference.  Mix well then enjoy. The saffron can also help treat insomnia which also relates to depression.

Cancer treatment.

Research suggest that one of saffron health benefits is able to deal deadly blows to cancer. Cancer is basically a lump of abnormal cells that formed together and deteriorate the host's condition. Saffron deals with cancer by entering the cancer cells and send signal of apoptosis or cell death. The cancer cells will later undergo suicide and dig its own grave.  Beside ability of inducing cell death. Saffron also contains Carotenoids. a substance which is toxic and can cause deadly reactions to some types of cancer cells in body such as Leukemia, Sarcoma and cancerous carcinoma cells.  Thus it's highly recommended to take saffron as part of the means to fight your cancer. There are many more of Saffron health benefits remain to be discovered. ,

Natural migraine treatment

Natural migraine treatment

At some point we might suffer from mysterious headache which only occurs at one side of the head  with no apparent reason. In this article we will provide insight on migraine and share some self help natural migraine treatment that you can do yourself.

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Migraine attacks may cause intense throbbing or pulsing sensation in one area of your head. Commonly accompanied by feels of nausea and vomiting and somehow extreme sensitivity to light and sound.  Migrain also induce significant pain that can last from hours to as extreme as days. It could even be so severe that it will impair your senses and make you think only to find dark, and quiet place to lie down.

Some migraine attack are preceded or come along with sensory warning symptoms like seeing aura, or other form of visual effects such as flashes of light, blind spot and even some physical feels like tingling in your arm or leg

Treatment for migraine usually comes in shape of medications that can help reduce frequency of occurring and pain severity of the migraine. If you have a migraine treatment in the past that does not work. You should consult to your medical assistance or doctor for other form of treatment.  Right medicine and some combination of natural migraine treatment and some changes in lifestyles may make a big differences in your condition

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Some migraine treatment

            Aside from medication there are several self help and do it yourself method that you can use as natural migraine treatment. However they are not meant to replace a session of visit to your doctor or medical institution.

Try to take a walk

Walking outside could be the possible solution for your migraine. going for a walk, and have a fresh air may do a miracle to your migraine, particularly if something physical like staring at screen for too long or other heavy activities. You may go walk somewhere quiet, take a deep breathe and let your mind wander. it will hopefully do wonder to your migraine. We are also share some tip for your walking session.

-Stick to nature, quiet country road or a secluded sandy beach is ideal. However if you live in city, nearby city park will do just as well

-Pick your pace and make it a bit of a jogging session if you like. Scientific studies shown that aerobic do help reducing intensity and frequency of migraine.


You may also use icepack to compress your head and thus treat your migraine. The ice will help relaxing the muscle and reduce throbbing.

Bathing Session

Another possible treatment for your migraine. A session of bath can allow your body to relax, especially padded with aromatherapy may help alleviating the pain caused by the migraine.  However a simple and quick shower can help to wash every stress and hopefully your migraine too.

Head Massage

Another natural migraine treatment. you can give yourself head massage, using your thumb or index fingers. Apply gentle pressure to part of your head where the migraine occurs. You can do this for 10 to 15 seconds or even longer if necessary. ,

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Lupus symptoms in females

Lupus symptoms in females

Lupus is a kind of disease which referred as auto immune disease. It’s a case when your body immune system mistakenly consider that your own healthy cell is hostile.  This disease’s cause however remain to be discovered but believed to be caused by multiple factors such as genetics, lifestyles and other cases.  In this articles however we will discuss about lupus symptoms in females as well as so general outlook in Lupus.

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This disease has been long known since ancient time. As early as the 12th century. However there are still not much known about lupus symptoms in females and lupus in general. The next era of lupus research occurred in 19th century specifically in 1851 where a French physician Pierre Cazenave defined a term discoid lupus.  To differentiate it from another form of skin rash.

Further work in 19th century by Ferdinand von Hebra and his son in law Moritz Kapozi led to the further discovery on lupus symptoms in females. In the end of the 19th century. Sir William Osler released three papers containing extensive observation and even visceral research on several types of diseases including Lupus.

The modern research on lupus begin ay 1930’s with many research about the nature and possible treatment on the disease.

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Signs and symptoms

Diagnosing lupus symptoms in females can be difficult as the sign and symptoms can resemble other form of skin rash problem. There are no two case of lupus are precisely alike. Some may present with full symptoms while other case may have one or two symptoms without showing another. It can develop in short time or long time, could be gentle to severe and can be permanent or temporary.  Most people with lupus have gentle sickness which characterized by term episodes or flares where signs and symptoms for their lupus decline in just minutes then improve and completely disappear for a time.

The signs and lupus symptoms in female  can be different to other patient. There are however several generalized signs that lupus might already attacked.

  • fatigue and fever with no apparent cause

  • Pain in the joint, accompanied with stiffness and swelling

  • Tell tale signature of lupus, the appearance of butterfly shaped rash that can cover your cheeks or nose bridge

  • The appearance of skin lesions that worsen after exposed to sun rays

  • Raynaud's phenomenon where fingers and toes turned color to white or blue after exposure to cold in several periods

  • Breath shortness

  • Chest pain

  • Dry eyes which can be very annoying and may require artificial eye water treatment

  • Headache, memory loss and confusion, may lead to vertigo.


Rooibos tea health benefits

Rooibos tea health benefits

Rooibos tea is a beverages originated from South Africa. It’s not a real tea but made out of rooibos plant. A family of legumes. Like peppermint tea. This beverages originally only consumed by africaners but soon with the power of globalization. The drink spreads around the globe. In this article we will offer you some information on Rooibos tea health benefits. It’s no small account so if you ever stumble upon this tea, make sure to get and try it. Plus it has no side effect.

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The Health benefits.

Rooibos tea health benefits are myriad, thanks to its high content of antioxidant and various other nutritions. The tea also contain no oxalic acid, thus it’s safe to be consumed by person who have CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) or tendency to form kidney stone.  In this section however we will describe several more health benefits of rooibos tea’s nutrient.

Rooibos Tea for your bones and teeth

Rooibos tea is rich in calcium, manganese, zinc and fluoride. Those are the minerals that assist in bone formation and promotes repair to damaged bones and teeth.  By drinking Rooibos tea, you increased the bio-availability of those minerals in your system. Thus not only have healthier bone and teeth but you may also have reduced risk of contracting conditions like arthritis, chronic joint pain and osteoporosis.

The manganese content in the Rooibos tea works even further that it can stimulates enzymes which required to form new bones and repair damaged one. Fluoride is another useful substance which associated with dental health, that it can be found in your tap water or toothpaste and mouthwash solution. This Rooibos tea health benefits for your bones and teeth cannot be understated.

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Rooibos tea for your heart and circulatory system

Rooibos tea contains quercetin. It's a powerful antioxidant which linked to prevention of wide variety of heart conditions. It's an anti inflammatory that can reduces blood pressure. Quercetin also scavange free radicals and promotes in increasing level of good cholesterol and inhibits bad one from binding to the walls of artery and blood vessels. Thus contribute in adding additional protection against various heart conditions like atherosclerosis, stroke and heart attacks. Because of that antioxidant content rooibos tea health benefits your heart and circulatory system greatly.


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Migraine Triggers

Migraine Triggers


At some point we might suffer from mysterious headache which only occurs at one side of the head  with no apparent reason. In this article we will provide insight on migraine and share some information on possible activities and migraine triggers.

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Migraine attacks

Migraine attacks caused an intense throbbing or pulsing sensation in one or more area of your head. It Commonly accompanied by feels of nausea and can also induce vomiting. Migraine can somehow lead to extreme sensitivity to light and sound.  Migrain also induce significant pain that can last from hours to as extreme as days. It could even be so severe that it will impair your senses and make you think only to find dark, and quiet place to lie down.

Some migraine attack are preceded or come along with sensory warning symptoms like seeing aura, or other form of visual effects such as flashes of light, blind spot and even some physical feels like tingling in your arm or leg.


There are several migraine triggers which successfully identified by the scientist. Thus by knowing them, you can learn and try to evade or reduce probability of it.


One important source that can become migraine triggers. Dramatic increase in physics or psychological stress can induce migraine according to Danish researchers.  It has been discovered that majority of migraine patients experience the disease in state of high stress.   With percentages of over 50 to 80%  for patient got their migraine triggers after a stressful event. Some others however experienced it in the midst of the stressful event.

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Hunger and dehydration

If you were happen to have migraine, it might be better for you for not to skip meals. Research suggests repeatedly that skipping meals is frequently linked with migraine attacks. It's not certain on what to make of that. Some others suggest that the falling of blood glucose level was the culprit.

Dehydration has also been considered and suggested as possible trigger for migraine attack. Inability to drink enough water has been linked to onset of migraine. A survey conducted on migraine sufferer indicates that lack or insufficient intake of fluid was linked to migraine in about 40 percent of the survey respondent.

Sleeping Disorders

Sleep disturbances is one of the culprit that linked to migraine attacks.  Lack of sleep is often considered as trigger for acute migraine attacks. So is excessive sleep which can trigger similar attack.  Another trigger is sudden change in work schedule and jet lag which linked to migraine attacks.  Insomnia is the most common sleep disorder that often connected with chronic migraine.  Patients suffering from chronic migraine also often suffer from insomnia with risk for increased anxiety and depression.

Fortunately however it's also shown that sleep more often can relieves their migraine headaches.


How to diagnose lupus

How to diagnose lupus


Lupus is a form of autoimmune disease. Meaning that something goes wrong with your system of immunity. Immunity system is a part of the body that get rid of various viruses, germs, bacteria and other foreign threat to your body.  Normal immune system generates antibody a protein that able to fight foreign substances.  In lupus however there is some sort of compromise in the immune system that makes it unable to differentiate between real threat and your own healthy tissues.  Thus at that condition the immune system generate antibody that attacks the healthy tissues. Causing inflammation, pain and general inconvenience to your body. In this article we will discuss a bit on how to diagnose lupus.

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The great immitator

Doctor who is about to make diagnosis for you for lupus will look for the sign of inflammation, which include pain, heat, redness of skin, swelling and loss of function at some place in your body.  Inflammation can occur in both inside (kidneys, heart and other organs) and outside (skin, limbs etc) Or can occur in both areas at same time.

Challenges in how to diagnose lupus are not to be understated. Lupus have another name, the great imitator as it is able to mimic symptoms of many other illnesses. Lupus can also have sketchy and unclear symptoms and can just come and go and can even change

Your doctor or other medical assistance will carefully review the following data while evaluating for any possibility of Lupus.

  • your current symptoms

  • your laboratory test results

  • your medical history

  • the medical history of your close family members (grandparents, parents, brothers and sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins)

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All of those information would be useful on how to diagnose lupus.

Laboratory Testing

Wide variety of medical laboratory tests are available to detect various physical changes in your body that can be caused by lupus.  Each test may yield result that add more information to the diagnostic process your doctor is performing to determine your illness. However for number of reasons which will be mentioned below. Laboratory tests still cannot definitively give answer whether you got lupus or not.

  • No single laboratory test able to determine whether a person got lupus or not

  • Test results that suggest lupus can be due to other illnesses or can even be seen in healthy people or in other words a false positive

  • A test result may yield positive at one time and negative another time.

  • Test result can be different for each laboratory.

Diagnosis can be much easier if multiple symptoms or criteria are present simultaneously.  All experts be it physician, pediatrician, family practitioner and internist may reach a solid lupus diagnosis. However in typical case of lupus. Symptoms often occur and develop gradually, thus diagnosis could be unclear and difficult. Consultation with a rheumatologist might be required. ,

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Home remedies for diarrhea

Home remedies for diarrhea

What’s faster than light ? None other but diarrhea and hoax. By the time you feel it, you might already feel something weird in your stomach and pants in just a few moments. Diarrhea is very common and it caused by wrong food you ingested that got contamined  by bacteria or viruses.  There are many types of diarrhea from secretory to inflammatory when the bacteria finally infect and damage the linings in your digestive tracts. In this article however we will discuss and offer some information about home remedies for diarrhea.

Pain in the abdomen

Some home remedies

Before you go to doctor, you may consider some following home remedies for diarrhea  to treat your children or perhaps your own condition. This will involve bit of medications and  steps.  These steps of home remedies for diarrhea treatment should get you to a safer position, by preventing problems related to diarrhea like dehydration.

Step #1 :Maintain the Liquid Balance

You must increase liquid intake, probably just small sip of water or rehydration drink and small bites of salty crackers or sugar-salt solution for diarrhea to keep your liquid ion balance stable.   The liquid intake can be increased to at least 1 liter per hour for about 1 or 2 hours, or longer if you still have large amounts of diarrhea. A note however, if you have CKD or Chronic Kidney Disease or other conditions such as liver problem that requires you to limit liquid consumption. you must immediately visit your doctor.

Step#2 : recovering from the diarrhea

The diarrhea usually cures by itself after hours or few days. Depending in your condition you can start eating. but limit yourself to mild food or porridge. and avoid these food.

Avoid : Spicy food, fruits, alcohol and caffeine. For about 48 hours after all symptoms disappeared.

Avoid : Chewing gun and other products containing sorbitol

Avoid : Drinking milk for about 3 days after symptoms disappear. In other hand milk products like cheese and yogurt are recommended  as these products contains probiotics, bacteria that helped your digestion system.

When to take medications

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Eventually for home remedies for diarrhea, you may need to take medications. Fortunately there are many available today. Their working mechanism can range from help thickening the stool, reducing the intestinal spasms and probiotics which can help increase the number of helpful bacteria that help digestion. One tip however is only resort to medication for diarrhea that lasts longer than 6 hours. ,

Healthy Food for Kidneys

Healthy Food for Kidneys

Kidney is one important organ in our system. It is actually a small organ, smaller than your palm. The functions however is of a grave importance as it’s to filter our blood from unnecessary minerals and water. Poisons and other metabolism results are also filtered and disposed through kidneys. Thus it is important for everyone to have healthy kidney. In this article we will visit the healthy food for kidneys, not really food but a diet plan that can help your kidney healthy, and for people who already contract CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) to prevent further degradation of kidney function.

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The diet plan

You are what you eat. and what you drink too.  The basic of healthy food for kidneys is to plan a balanced diet which low on salt and fat. As both of them directly related to blood pressure.  In case of diabetes, you can also help controlling your blood glucose level  by careful choice of what to consume and to drink.  Through the means of control for both diabetes and blood pressure then it can prevent kidney diseases or keep the diseases manageable.

The kidney friendly diet may help and protect your kidney from further damage. Typical plan for kidney friendly diet may include limiting certain foods in order to prevent build up of mineral in your body. It will also involve drinking enough amount of water.

What to limit in the diet plan ?

When your kidneys area unit not operating similarly as they must, waste and fluid build up in your body. Over time, the waste and extra fluid will cause heart, bone and other health issues. A healthy food for kidneys limits what quantity of sure minerals and fluid you eat and drink. This can facilitate keep the waste and fluid from increase and inflicting issues.

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How strict your meal set up ought to be depends on your stage of uropathy. In the early stages of uropathy, you may have very little or no limits on what you eat and drink. As your kidney diseases gets worse, your doctor may suggest that you limit consumption of :


This mineral present in almost all food. For healthy food for kidney however, your doctor may suggest to limit potassium consumption as damaged kidney can no or very limited in processing ability to filter it.  The following are some low potassium food that can be helpful for your kidney.


Apples, cranberries, grapes, pineapples and strawberries


Cauliflower, onions, peppers, radishes, summer squash, lettuce


Pita, tortillas and white breads

Fat source

Beef and chicken, white rice


Phosporus is one important mineral for our body. It works together with calcium and vitamin D to keep our bones healthy and strong.  Damaged kidneys however just like potassium, may unable to control the level of phosporus in your blood. Thus your doctor may suggest to limit consumption of phosporus rich food


Our body requires amount of fluid to work well. For healthy food for kidneys however, consumption of fluid might be limited as damaged kidneys might not be able to get rid of extra fluid.



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Health care tips for men

Health care tips for men

Every man want so be healthy, living a good life and if possible having enough wealth for fulfilling some extra needs of vanity. In this article we offer some health care tips for men which also works for basically anyone. The tips are easy to be done, though some might be counter intuitive but it can work. So without further a do let the journey begin.

Health care tips for men-pic1

#1 : Coffee for healthy nap

This might seem weird, as people usually take coffee to prevent sleeping. But this do work and have scientific base to make it legit health care tips for men.

Ingesting about 200 milligrams of caffeine which is one or two cups of coffee and then take nap or rest for twenty minutes have shown increased alertness and performance on computer test than those who only take a nap. According to a Japanese study.

Health care tips for men-pic5

The reason on how it works lies in the fact that after 20 minutes passed. The caffeine started to working and clears the brain of a molecules called adenosine. a Molecules which is a byproduct of wakefulness and activities. According to Allen Towfigh. MD. Medical director of New York Neurology and Sleep medicine. The increase of adenosine level may cause us to be more fatigued. Napping clears out adenosine and with combination of Caffeine it can further block the adenosine and enhance the effect of napping.

In short drink coffee and sleep for twenty minutes is good  health care tips for men


#2 : For healthy teeth, don’t brush up after you eat.

Believe it or not. But it’s true, scientific finding have proven that teeth enamel layer got weaken after we eat or drink, especially if we eat acidic drinks or food.  Brushing your teeth at that moment can speed up the weakening process. Recommended time to brush however is about an hour after eat.


#3 : Eat more to eat less.

Not what it really seems but it will be helpful to eat food that have more calories and can make you full longer than suddenly eat piece of pretzel which, give you carbs but can’t help you in fighting crave for more.  If you were happen to be on diet and want to suppress craving/hunger for food one tips you can do is eat the following. A piece of apple with peanut butter can give you the required nutrition, protein and fat which can give you energy, plus the fiber in apple can make you last longer.



Health benefits of sesame seeds

Health benefits of sesame seeds

Open sesame, let the keyword out to the world and open the cave of treasure. In this article however we will offer some information about the health benefits of sesame seeds. Granted that this is not a gold nor precious metal but health is one greatest treasure a man or woman can ever had.

Health benefits of sesame seeds-pic1

What make sesame seeds special and what benefits.

One health benefits of sesame seeds is that the seeds are major source of healthy minerals required by your body.  It contains copper, good amount of manganese, plus additional minerals like Magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc and selenium. Those minerals translates to following health benefits :

Copper, reliever for those with rheumatoid arthritis

If you got yourself some rheumatoid arthritis, you may want to include some sesame seeds to your diet. The copper content inside the seeds are known to be able to relieve some of the painful symptoms associated with arthritis. The effectiveness of copper lies in fact that this mineral is important for a numbers of anti inflammatory and antioxidant enzyme systems. Additionally copper plays important role as a part of lysyl oxidase activation. It's an enzyme needed for activation and cross linking between collagen and elastin. The ground substance that contribute to elasticity in your veins, bones and joints.

Zinc for your bones

Sesame seeds also rich of zinc, which will help your bone density.  Osteoporosis is often considered to only happen with highest risk for post menopause women. It is also a problem to the older men as well.  Statistic said that 1 to 8 men having hip fracture is caused by osteoporosis. In other hand a study was released by the Journal of Clinical Nutrition that suggest correlation between low intake of zinc with osteoporosis. Thus for the sake of your bones, you may want to increase the amount of sesame you eat to gain health benefits of sesame seeds.

Health benefits of sesame seeds-pic2

Pythosterol, the cancer reducer

Pythosterol is a kind of compounds found in plants that have similar structure as cholesterol.  This substance when present in your diet in an amount can reduce blood levels of cholesterol, enhance immunity response and reduce cancer risk.  Sesame seeds is yes, good source of pythosterols plus other nutritions that can benefit your body.  So start eating it in quantity to gain this one of the health benefits of sesame seeds.