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Health Benefits of Plums

Health Benefits of Plums

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Plum is one among few kinds of fruit that come in aesthetically pleasing panorama of colors. It also tastes sweet, juicy and delicious. Plum season are from May, extended well through October. Japanese plum will make the first appearance on market from May and peaking in August followed by Europeans varieties in the fall season. In this article we will visit health benefits of plums and how it can do the benefit.

The Plum

Scientifically plum belong to the Prunus genus of plants. With relation to the peach, nectarine and almond nut. They are all considered as drupes fruit. A fruit which have stone hard armor surrounding their seeds. Thus a plum seed is guaranteed to last long. Very long.


Beside eaten fresh. There are also other variety on how plums can be served. Prunes for example is a dried version of European plums.  In US however you may not see the term prunes in frequent manner. But got a bit simpler and boring name as dried plum.  Dried plum is sweet, deep in taste with sticky chewy texture. It's so fun to eat and highly nutritious, Thus make it one of the health benefits of plums.  As dried fruit, they also have high availability just like other kind of dried fruit.

The Benefits

In this section we will provide some insights on the health benefits of plums and find out why this fruit is delicious and healthy.

Antioxidant protection from Phenols.

Both variety of plums, dried or fresh have been subject of multiple health research for their high content of unique plant nutrient (Phytonutrients)  called as Chlorogenic and Neochlorogenic acid. Both substances are classified as phenols with their antioxidants function well documented.   Those substances are able to prevent damage caused  by a radical version of oxygen, the superoxide anion radical. Those substances are even able to neutralize it. Another health benefit of plums is that the substances contained inside it are able to contain and prevent radical oxygen from damaging fats.  The impact is significant as fats made almost all of our cells membrane. Thus one key of having healthy cell would be regular consumption of plums.

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Blood sugar normalization and good diet for weight loss.

Anyone who wants healthy weight and body would not reject plumes consumption. One health benefit of plums is that it can help normalize the level of sugar in your blood.  How plums can do it ?  It has something called soluble fiber, which slow to digest thus slowing down the rate at which your food leaves the stomachs.  It can also delay absorption of glucose following a meal.  Soluble fiber in plums also help to increase insulin sensitivity thus helpful in roles of treating or prevention of type 2 diabetes.  Plus because of its difficult to digest nature, soluble fiber in prune can induce sense of satisfied and fullness after meal. This fuit would go well with Mayo clinic diet plan which involve lots and lots of fruit.

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