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Health benefits of lentils

Health benefits of lentils

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So what is Lentils, in order to understand the health benefits of lentils, it's important to know what it is.  Basically lentils are kind of legumes, similar to soybeans.  Seed of a plant with Latin name of Lens ensculenta. Lentils grow in pods that may contain one or two lentil seeds.

Scientific classification and characteristics

The classification of lentils are based to their size. Whether they are large or small with dozens of variety of each being cultivated.  The most common types of lentil in United States are either green or brown colored. There are however other variety of colors like black, yellow, red and orange. Lentils are round, oval or even heart shaped disks are small in size. Even smaller than a tip of your average pencil eraser. They are sold as whole or split into halves.

Different types of lentils are unique, with varying consistencies with brown and green ones that able to maintain its shape even after cooked. Other types of lentils generally become soft and mushy. Flavors are similar with only slight of differences in all variety. They generally feature dense and somewhat nut like taste. Health benefits of lentils however are similar as what will be described below.

Health benefits

Being legumes health benefits of lentils are not to be understated here we will provide some informations of this awesome legume’s health benefit.

Cholesterol Killer and Vitamin packer

Although being small in physical size, lentil is one hell of mighty legumes in terms of nutrition.  Lentils is a very good source of a cholesterol lowering fiber.  and not only stopping cholesterol. the high fiber content  allow special health benefit of lentils to be attained which is to manage level of blood-sugar disorders. The fiber can prevent sudden increase in blood glucose level after meals.  However those benefits are not only what lentils can offer. It also produces good to excellent amount of the big seven minerals, Vitamin B and protein with practically no fat.  The calories count are also small. with just 230 calories for a whole cup of lentils, cooked to perfection on your style.  This tiny king of nutrition can fill you up.

Good for Diabetes

Lentils are not only cholesterol killer and heavily packed with nutrition that can keep you full. Another health benefit of lentils as well as other legumes is that it's good for blood glucose level. Very helpful for those who are in state of insulin resistance, hypoglycemia or diabetes. Its fiber content can keep blood sugar level stable while still providing steady and slow burning energy . Scientific studies on high fiber diets and blood glucose level have shown immense benefit provided by those high fiber foods such as lentils.  The researchers compared two group of people having type 2 diabetes, that fed with different amount of high fiber food.

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One group in that research were fed with standard American Diabetic diet which contain 24 grams of fiber per day, while other group got about twice of that per day.  Those who ate diet with higher amount of fiber were proven to have lower amount of blood sugar and insulin. which is a hormone that helps absorption of blood sugar into cells. The group eating diet with higher amount of fiber also have a reduction in their level of total cholesterol with amount of reduction nearing 7%, triglycerides level reduction by 10.2% and Very Low Density Lipoprotein  which is dangerous form of cholesterol  got over 12.5% amount of reduction.




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