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Health benefits of chickpeas

Health benefits of chickpeas

Chickpeas or also called as Garbanzo beans is a part of legumes family. Similar as Soybeans and others. Legumes have been known for a long time to have many health benefits Thus recommended accordingly. You can browse FDA, Nutritional Journal, NCBI and other health and medical journal, and you’ll always found multiple papers or news suggesting benefits of legumes. Beside source of protein they were also good source of fiber. Including chickpeas. In this article we will focus a bit on the health benefits of chickpeas.

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The health benefits

So what’s the health benefits anyway ? In this section we will provide information on some health benefits of chickpeas. Short, sweet and hopefully good for you to know.

Chickpeas is good for your diet

Research suggest direct evidence of relationship between chickpeas and appetite.  The study reported that subject consumed chickpeas for their diet are more satisfied. Subject also consume fewer processed food snacks during the study's observation time.  They also consumed less food overall when chickpeas was added in their dietary menu.  Clearly this kind of effect is very welcome in your diet. Especially with Mayo Clinic Diet where health benefits of chickpeas can be fully utilized, thanks to its intuitive food pyramid.

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Digestive Tract Support 

Want a healthy colon and digestive tracts ? eat chickpeas.  One cup of chickpeas contain over 12.5 grams of fiber. Which is 50% of human's average daily value.  Additionally over 75% of the chickpeas  fiber  content is insoluble. What it can do to your body ? Well plenty Not only it can make you feel full longer but also it will pass the body unchanged, until the very last part which is large intestine where it can be finally broken down by benevolent bacteria there. The process yielded a short chain fatty acid substance called as Butyric acid. There are also another short chain fatty acid generated like propionic and acetic acid. All those short chain fatty acid are source of food for cells. Especially the cells lining your colon.  Thus benefiting both your digestive tracts and probiotics in your in short healthy digestive tracts is one among the  Health benefits of chickpeas. ,

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