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Health Benefits of cashew nut

Health Benefits of cashew nut

Nothing can beat this healthy snack for become part of your healthy diet. Cashew nut is a kidney shaped seed that almost exposed to the element that attached right below cashew apple. Cashew apple is a native plants in the coastal area of northeastern Brazil.   In this article we will offer some information on the health benefits of cashew nut.

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Health Benefits of cashew nuts

The monounsaturated fats

Cashew nuts have low fat content, compared to other form of nuts. Approximately 82% of cashew's fats are unsaturated fatty acid. and 66% of that 82% fats are heart healthy monounsaturated fat which similar to what found in olive oil.  Research on the effect at patients with diabetes show that monounsaturated fat can be added to low fat diet.  The effect is lowering of triglycerides level in the patient's bloodstream.  Triglycerides is a form of fat which associated with elevated risk of heart attack.

Thus having low monounsaturated fat like one provided by cashew nuts would benefits your body.

Love and crazy for your heart ? Go nuts.

Love your heart ? Go nuts. Not only low fat and monounsaturated fat contents of cashew nuts are good for diabetes it’s also benefit your heart too.

Based on study published by the British Journal of Nutrition.  Nuts and cashew nuts are identified as the highest source of antioxidant content. The study also suggest that their antioxidant contents might be the key for the health benefits of cashew nuts to your heart and overall circulation system.


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The high antioxidant content of cashew nut might also explain the result seen in previous study about dramatic decrease of death risk from cardiovascular and coronary heart disease observed in women.  The research subject routinely consume cashew and other nuts including peanut butter.  The total death rate decreased by 11 to 19% for nut/peanut butter intake once every week and 1-4 times per week.

Thus long story short, if you love your heart and want to live longer. Go nuts. handful of cashews, peanut butter at least 4 times a week. To enjoy one of the wonderful health benefits of cashew nuts


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