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Health benefits of brown rice

Health benefits of brown rice

In major part of the world particularly Asia. The word to eat is practically means eating rice. This important food is available in wide variety and practically available throughout the year.  Few grams of it, eaten everyday are major source for energy and account for the half calories intake in practically entire Asia's working force. In this article we will discuss and offer bit of information about health benefits of brown rice.  Currently brown rice is a diet food, more expensive than white rice due to air tight packaging and production requirement that is bit special compared to white rice.

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The Brown Rice

Currently the rice is mostly available as white rice. However there are several kinds more. One of them is brown rice which is basically a limited processing white rice. The differences between them is not limited to color. Brown rice or whole grain rice has several layers of skin.  In brown rice processing only done to remove the outermost layer.  Which called the hull. This process is the least damaging to the nutritional value of the rice.  The rice however is often processed further with milling to remove the bran and most of the germ layers. Resulted with white rice we see today.

The removal of the rice seed layers simply removed most of the nutrition from it. Thus limiting the nutritional benefit of white rice compared to health benefits of brown rice. The purpose layer removal is basically to extend product life as the aleurone layer of the rice, although nutritious it's subject to oxidation by air.

One health benefits of brown rice

In this section we will visit the health benefit from consuming brown rice. The rice is now often advertised as healthy diet food that good for heart and body.

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The Journal of Clinical Nutrition published study that underlines the importance in choosing whole grains like brown rice rather than white rice in order to maintain body weight or in attempt to lose weight.  The study was performed by Harvard Medical School which collected data of over thousands of female nurses aged from 38-63 on 12 year research period.  The study indicates that weight gain was inversely related to the intake of high fiber, whole grain food products. Not only women who consumed more brown rice consistently weigh less than those who don't. But also the brown rice does reduce the probability of weight gain by over 49% compared to those who eat refined grains.

There are also many other health benefits of brown rice but most advertised use for brown rice is for those who want to lose or control weight.


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