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Health benefits of barley

Health benefits of barley

Barley is one of a kind wonderful cereal grain that are versatile. it has rich nutlike flavor and pasta like consistency with appealing chewy sensation.  The appearance of barley resembles wheat although it's lighter in color.  When sprouted naturally,Barley is rich in maltose, a kind of sugar that serves as basis for making malt syrup and sweetener.  Fermented barley is  used as an ingredient for beer and other form of alcoholic beverages.  This article however does not condone alcoholism, however we offer insight and information for health benefits of barley.

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Health benefits of barley #1 : Intestinal protection and more regularity.

Wishing  to be more regular ? Barley is the key for it  Barley is rich in fiber that allows to provide more bulk of the food and decreasing transit time for fecal matter in your intestine. Thus resulting with a decreased risk of colon cancer and hemorrhoids.  Barley's richness in fiber also provide ration for the friendly bacteria in your large intestine. When the bacteria digested the barley, they produces a short chain fatty acid referred as butyric acid. This serves as primary food for the large intestine's cells which contribute in maintaining healthy colon. The bacterial digestion of the barley also produces other kinds of two short chained fatty acid. The propionic and acetic acid which used by cells in the liver and muscle.

Health benefits of barley #2 : Cholesterol protection

Research conducted by one United states research institute about nutrition suggest that other than help your digestion system. The rich content of fiber of barley also have beneficial effect toward control and reduction of cholesterol. The study indicates large improvement or lowering in amount of cholesterol in their test subject. The reduced cholesterol would means less risk of heart attack and other complications such as stroke.

Health benefits of barley #3 : Reduced risk of type-2 diabetes

Barley and other whole grain products are rich sources of magnesium, mineral that is a co factor for more that 300 essential enzymes,  Enzymes that regulate use of insulin secretion and body use of glucose are one if it.

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The US Food and Drug Administration permit food with at least 51% whole grain contents by weight (and also low fat, cholesterol and saturated fat)  to display health claim that consumption of that very food item can lower the risk of heart disease and certain form of cancer. Research today however suggest regular consumption of whole grain products also reduces risk of Type-2 diabetes.


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