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Diarrhea with mucus

Diarrhea with mucus

Diarrhea is one common disease throughout the world, and have been around since ancient time. You may, at some point in your life experienced the symptoms and distinct feel or urge to repeatedly going to bathroom or john's room multiple times.  There are many cause for diarrhea, it can be viruses, bacteria, fungus or small protozoans which called as dysentery. Treatment are of wide scope range from simple medications down to complicated and long hospital therapy.

diarrhea with mucus

In this article we will discuss about infectious diarrhea, a more severe version of common diarrhea.  This diarrhea with mucus will not only causing inconvenience but also lethal, as the pathogen may directly infect and damage the lining tissues of the digestive tracts.

Signs and symptoms

Infectious diarrhea with mucus usually involves diarrhea and vomiting. Or it could present with only one of the symptoms although it's less common. Another symptoms is abdominal cramping. The sign of diarrhea usually begin in 12-72 hours after ingesting the infectious agent. Virus based diarrhea usually will resolve by itself within one week.  Additionally the viral diarrhea may also cause fever, fatigue, headache and muscle pain. The  stool of the patient can be used as indication on what agent caused the diarrhea. If it contain stains of blood. The cause is less likely to be virus infection and more like bacterial, which degrades intestine linings.  Bacterial caused diarrhea can cause severe abdominal pain and may persist for the duration of weeks.


diarrhea with mucus-pic3


Common case for children diarrhea with mucus is viral infection. By Rotavirus. Full recovery is usually attainable in three to eight days.  However in country with poor sanitary and treatment. It can be persistent and could be lethal if let untreated. Dehydration is common complication of diarrhea. Child with significant degree of dehydration may suffer from prolonged capillary refill, abnormal breathing and poor skin turgor. Inhabitants of country or areas with poor hygiene, sanitation and malnutrition are subject to repeated diarrhea infection. The complications would be severe namely stunted growth, and long term cognitive disability and delays.


Treatment for diarrhea begin with the improvement of the patient’s sanitary conditions. And some behavior training. Washing hands, keep the food clean and avoid buying improperly or damaged seal food will help.  Proper food preparations and cooking can also aid in preventing diarrhea.

Should the diarrhea occured anyway, there are some good self help therapy available which can help maintain the fluid balance in the body. Medications are also available. In case of infectious diarrhea however. Doctor or medical assistance must be sought. ,

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