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Health Benefits of Plums

Health Benefits of Plums

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Plum is one among few kinds of fruit that come in aesthetically pleasing panorama of colors. It also tastes sweet, juicy and delicious. Plum season are from May, extended well through October. Japanese plum will make the first appearance on market from May and peaking in August followed by Europeans varieties in the fall season. In this article we will visit health benefits of plums and how it can do the benefit.

The Plum

Scientifically plum belong to the Prunus genus of plants. With relation to the peach, nectarine and almond nut. They are all considered as drupes fruit. A fruit which have stone hard armor surrounding their seeds. Thus a plum seed is guaranteed to last long. Very long.


Beside eaten fresh. There are also other variety on how plums can be served. Prunes for example is a dried version of European plums.  In US however you may not see the term prunes in frequent manner. But got a bit simpler and boring name as dried plum.  Dried plum is sweet, deep in taste with sticky chewy texture. It's so fun to eat and highly nutritious, Thus make it one of the health benefits of plums.  As dried fruit, they also have high availability just like other kind of dried fruit.

The Benefits

In this section we will provide some insights on the health benefits of plums and find out why this fruit is delicious and healthy.

Antioxidant protection from Phenols.

Both variety of plums, dried or fresh have been subject of multiple health research for their high content of unique plant nutrient (Phytonutrients)  called as Chlorogenic and Neochlorogenic acid. Both substances are classified as phenols with their antioxidants function well documented.   Those substances are able to prevent damage caused  by a radical version of oxygen, the superoxide anion radical. Those substances are even able to neutralize it. Another health benefit of plums is that the substances contained inside it are able to contain and prevent radical oxygen from damaging fats.  The impact is significant as fats made almost all of our cells membrane. Thus one key of having healthy cell would be regular consumption of plums.

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Blood sugar normalization and good diet for weight loss.

Anyone who wants healthy weight and body would not reject plumes consumption. One health benefit of plums is that it can help normalize the level of sugar in your blood.  How plums can do it ?  It has something called soluble fiber, which slow to digest thus slowing down the rate at which your food leaves the stomachs.  It can also delay absorption of glucose following a meal.  Soluble fiber in plums also help to increase insulin sensitivity thus helpful in roles of treating or prevention of type 2 diabetes.  Plus because of its difficult to digest nature, soluble fiber in prune can induce sense of satisfied and fullness after meal. This fuit would go well with Mayo clinic diet plan which involve lots and lots of fruit.

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Health Benefits of Peppermint tea

Health Benefits of Peppermint tea

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There’s nothing more refreshing than a cup of tea after activities or even during and before it.  This beverages dates back thousands of years ago, probably started in mainland China where it said to be accidentally discovered after few leaves of it feel down to Chinese emperor’s drinking pot.  Today we know many kinds of tea and how they served, ranged from Assam and Darjeeling, and various others like Russian Samovar. Tea also have many health benefit. In this article we will visit the health benefit of peppermint tea.   This kind of tea however is not really made of tea leaves but peppermint leaves.


Peppermint Tea

As previously mentioned above. Peppermint tea isn't made out of tea leaves but peppermint leaves.  Those peppermint tea you bought at store contains peppermint leaves. It's not really a bad things though, instead it's a part of health benefits of peppermint tea.  Because it's not really tea it's often used for stress relaxation and relief. The peppermint tea also lacks caffeine, which a definite plus for relaxing.

You can also try growing mint leafs and make your own lovely peppermint tea. Mint leaf, the main material is very easy to grow. So easy that the only thing you should worry about is that your mint herb will invade your whole garden.

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Preparing the peppermint

peppermint  thrives in shady place with cool air. Thus you can grow one in pots, either in shade or in an indoor herb garden. Peppermint requires at least an inch of water a week, and make sure to prune the flowers and budding tips to ensure strong harvest. Once the peppermint is all grown up and ready for harvest. You can gather it and later dry the leaves for tea. Good harvesting time would be morning before the dew has evaporated. It will ensure that the most potent essential mint oil for health benefits of peppermint tea intact.  After gathering, hang those peppermint leaves upside down in the shade until it completely dry. After drying, strip the leaves and store it in airtight container or jars until you ready to brew the tea.


The benefits

And now the section for the health benefits of peppermint tea This section would be very short, sweet and straight to the point.

Benefit #1 :Stress relieve with peppermint tea.

Peppermint tea is recommended, many times and probably the first beverages suggested by someone to you whenever you feel stressed and anxious.  The menthol naturally present  in the peppermint leaves is a well known muscle relaxant.  Thus can help relaxing the muscle and relieve your stress and anxiety as well.

You can try giving a sip or two of a cup of peppermint tea. To get the maximum benefit, do it while listening to your favorite music as a part of five minute break during heavy activities like typical office job or online gaming.


Benefit #2 : Weight loss

Whenever someone wants for a weight loss, they always search for a magical solution which at best not work and at worst can end up harm their own body. Peppermint tea in this respect can help you in shaving off some pounds and make your life healthier.  The menthol is also known as a natural appetite suppressant and because it's naturally sweet. Just a cup of it can be a legit dessert menu.  Thus you can reduce craving for food and keep your diet on the straight line.

Peppermint tea can be combined with green tea. It's a legit day starting drink. The catechin in the tea help jump start your metabolism, while peppermint tea will reduce craving for food. Those two drinks would help you shedding your extra pound.



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Health benefits of lentils

Health benefits of lentils

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So what is Lentils, in order to understand the health benefits of lentils, it's important to know what it is.  Basically lentils are kind of legumes, similar to soybeans.  Seed of a plant with Latin name of Lens ensculenta. Lentils grow in pods that may contain one or two lentil seeds.

Scientific classification and characteristics

The classification of lentils are based to their size. Whether they are large or small with dozens of variety of each being cultivated.  The most common types of lentil in United States are either green or brown colored. There are however other variety of colors like black, yellow, red and orange. Lentils are round, oval or even heart shaped disks are small in size. Even smaller than a tip of your average pencil eraser. They are sold as whole or split into halves.

Different types of lentils are unique, with varying consistencies with brown and green ones that able to maintain its shape even after cooked. Other types of lentils generally become soft and mushy. Flavors are similar with only slight of differences in all variety. They generally feature dense and somewhat nut like taste. Health benefits of lentils however are similar as what will be described below.

Health benefits

Being legumes health benefits of lentils are not to be understated here we will provide some informations of this awesome legume’s health benefit.

Cholesterol Killer and Vitamin packer

Although being small in physical size, lentil is one hell of mighty legumes in terms of nutrition.  Lentils is a very good source of a cholesterol lowering fiber.  and not only stopping cholesterol. the high fiber content  allow special health benefit of lentils to be attained which is to manage level of blood-sugar disorders. The fiber can prevent sudden increase in blood glucose level after meals.  However those benefits are not only what lentils can offer. It also produces good to excellent amount of the big seven minerals, Vitamin B and protein with practically no fat.  The calories count are also small. with just 230 calories for a whole cup of lentils, cooked to perfection on your style.  This tiny king of nutrition can fill you up.

Good for Diabetes

Lentils are not only cholesterol killer and heavily packed with nutrition that can keep you full. Another health benefit of lentils as well as other legumes is that it's good for blood glucose level. Very helpful for those who are in state of insulin resistance, hypoglycemia or diabetes. Its fiber content can keep blood sugar level stable while still providing steady and slow burning energy . Scientific studies on high fiber diets and blood glucose level have shown immense benefit provided by those high fiber foods such as lentils.  The researchers compared two group of people having type 2 diabetes, that fed with different amount of high fiber food.

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One group in that research were fed with standard American Diabetic diet which contain 24 grams of fiber per day, while other group got about twice of that per day.  Those who ate diet with higher amount of fiber were proven to have lower amount of blood sugar and insulin. which is a hormone that helps absorption of blood sugar into cells. The group eating diet with higher amount of fiber also have a reduction in their level of total cholesterol with amount of reduction nearing 7%, triglycerides level reduction by 10.2% and Very Low Density Lipoprotein  which is dangerous form of cholesterol  got over 12.5% amount of reduction.




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Proven Health Benefits of Carrots

Proven Health Benefits of Carrots

Carrot has been regarded as a very powerful healthy food by so many people. This crunchy orange is brimming with tons and tons of health benefits that more people should know about. It is renowned for being the powerhouse of vitamin A as well as other nutrients that our body needs. This healthy food has also been long praised for how beneficial it is to our skin, its anti-aging attributes as well as cancer prevention qualities. Curious to know more about the benefits of carrot? Read more in this article!

Proven Health Benefits of Carrots

Why You Should Start Eating Carrot Today

The first benefit that carrots can give you is vision enhancement. You might have heard a lot before on how good carrots are to improving our vision, and it’s right. Carrots contain beta-carotene which would be transformed into vitamin A in our liver. Afterwards, this vitamin A will also be converted into rhodopsin in the retina. Rhodopsin itself is a purple pigment that our eyes need to enhance night vision. So it’s definitely good for the eyes. Another fact about carrot is that beta-carotene it contained is also extremely helpful in preventing senile cataracts and macular degeneration, which is something that our eyesight needed the most.

Carrots are also known to be able to reduce the risk factor of getting certain types of cancers, such as colon cancer, breast cancer, and lung cancer. It also helps slowing down the aging process and enhancing the look of our skin with its natural antioxidants. Other good qualities that carrot might offer are infection prevention, heart disease prevention, as well as body-cleansing. You can also use carrots as a beauty remedy by making it into a face mask to protect your skin from the outside. Besides, carrots are very versatile and can be included into our regular diet in so many ways. ,

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Health benefits of chickpeas

Health benefits of chickpeas

Chickpeas or also called as Garbanzo beans is a part of legumes family. Similar as Soybeans and others. Legumes have been known for a long time to have many health benefits Thus recommended accordingly. You can browse FDA, Nutritional Journal, NCBI and other health and medical journal, and you’ll always found multiple papers or news suggesting benefits of legumes. Beside source of protein they were also good source of fiber. Including chickpeas. In this article we will focus a bit on the health benefits of chickpeas.

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The health benefits

So what’s the health benefits anyway ? In this section we will provide information on some health benefits of chickpeas. Short, sweet and hopefully good for you to know.

Chickpeas is good for your diet

Research suggest direct evidence of relationship between chickpeas and appetite.  The study reported that subject consumed chickpeas for their diet are more satisfied. Subject also consume fewer processed food snacks during the study's observation time.  They also consumed less food overall when chickpeas was added in their dietary menu.  Clearly this kind of effect is very welcome in your diet. Especially with Mayo Clinic Diet where health benefits of chickpeas can be fully utilized, thanks to its intuitive food pyramid.

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Digestive Tract Support 

Want a healthy colon and digestive tracts ? eat chickpeas.  One cup of chickpeas contain over 12.5 grams of fiber. Which is 50% of human's average daily value.  Additionally over 75% of the chickpeas  fiber  content is insoluble. What it can do to your body ? Well plenty Not only it can make you feel full longer but also it will pass the body unchanged, until the very last part which is large intestine where it can be finally broken down by benevolent bacteria there. The process yielded a short chain fatty acid substance called as Butyric acid. There are also another short chain fatty acid generated like propionic and acetic acid. All those short chain fatty acid are source of food for cells. Especially the cells lining your colon.  Thus benefiting both your digestive tracts and probiotics in your in short healthy digestive tracts is one among the  Health benefits of chickpeas. ,

Health Benefits of cashew nut

Health Benefits of cashew nut

Nothing can beat this healthy snack for become part of your healthy diet. Cashew nut is a kidney shaped seed that almost exposed to the element that attached right below cashew apple. Cashew apple is a native plants in the coastal area of northeastern Brazil.   In this article we will offer some information on the health benefits of cashew nut.

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Health Benefits of cashew nuts

The monounsaturated fats

Cashew nuts have low fat content, compared to other form of nuts. Approximately 82% of cashew's fats are unsaturated fatty acid. and 66% of that 82% fats are heart healthy monounsaturated fat which similar to what found in olive oil.  Research on the effect at patients with diabetes show that monounsaturated fat can be added to low fat diet.  The effect is lowering of triglycerides level in the patient's bloodstream.  Triglycerides is a form of fat which associated with elevated risk of heart attack.

Thus having low monounsaturated fat like one provided by cashew nuts would benefits your body.

Love and crazy for your heart ? Go nuts.

Love your heart ? Go nuts. Not only low fat and monounsaturated fat contents of cashew nuts are good for diabetes it’s also benefit your heart too.

Based on study published by the British Journal of Nutrition.  Nuts and cashew nuts are identified as the highest source of antioxidant content. The study also suggest that their antioxidant contents might be the key for the health benefits of cashew nuts to your heart and overall circulation system.


Cashews in hand made wooden spoon

The high antioxidant content of cashew nut might also explain the result seen in previous study about dramatic decrease of death risk from cardiovascular and coronary heart disease observed in women.  The research subject routinely consume cashew and other nuts including peanut butter.  The total death rate decreased by 11 to 19% for nut/peanut butter intake once every week and 1-4 times per week.

Thus long story short, if you love your heart and want to live longer. Go nuts. handful of cashews, peanut butter at least 4 times a week. To enjoy one of the wonderful health benefits of cashew nuts


Health benefits of brown rice

Health benefits of brown rice

In major part of the world particularly Asia. The word to eat is practically means eating rice. This important food is available in wide variety and practically available throughout the year.  Few grams of it, eaten everyday are major source for energy and account for the half calories intake in practically entire Asia's working force. In this article we will discuss and offer bit of information about health benefits of brown rice.  Currently brown rice is a diet food, more expensive than white rice due to air tight packaging and production requirement that is bit special compared to white rice.

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The Brown Rice

Currently the rice is mostly available as white rice. However there are several kinds more. One of them is brown rice which is basically a limited processing white rice. The differences between them is not limited to color. Brown rice or whole grain rice has several layers of skin.  In brown rice processing only done to remove the outermost layer.  Which called the hull. This process is the least damaging to the nutritional value of the rice.  The rice however is often processed further with milling to remove the bran and most of the germ layers. Resulted with white rice we see today.

The removal of the rice seed layers simply removed most of the nutrition from it. Thus limiting the nutritional benefit of white rice compared to health benefits of brown rice. The purpose layer removal is basically to extend product life as the aleurone layer of the rice, although nutritious it's subject to oxidation by air.

One health benefits of brown rice

In this section we will visit the health benefit from consuming brown rice. The rice is now often advertised as healthy diet food that good for heart and body.

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The Journal of Clinical Nutrition published study that underlines the importance in choosing whole grains like brown rice rather than white rice in order to maintain body weight or in attempt to lose weight.  The study was performed by Harvard Medical School which collected data of over thousands of female nurses aged from 38-63 on 12 year research period.  The study indicates that weight gain was inversely related to the intake of high fiber, whole grain food products. Not only women who consumed more brown rice consistently weigh less than those who don't. But also the brown rice does reduce the probability of weight gain by over 49% compared to those who eat refined grains.

There are also many other health benefits of brown rice but most advertised use for brown rice is for those who want to lose or control weight.


Health benefits of barley

Health benefits of barley

Barley is one of a kind wonderful cereal grain that are versatile. it has rich nutlike flavor and pasta like consistency with appealing chewy sensation.  The appearance of barley resembles wheat although it's lighter in color.  When sprouted naturally,Barley is rich in maltose, a kind of sugar that serves as basis for making malt syrup and sweetener.  Fermented barley is  used as an ingredient for beer and other form of alcoholic beverages.  This article however does not condone alcoholism, however we offer insight and information for health benefits of barley.

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Health benefits of barley #1 : Intestinal protection and more regularity.

Wishing  to be more regular ? Barley is the key for it  Barley is rich in fiber that allows to provide more bulk of the food and decreasing transit time for fecal matter in your intestine. Thus resulting with a decreased risk of colon cancer and hemorrhoids.  Barley's richness in fiber also provide ration for the friendly bacteria in your large intestine. When the bacteria digested the barley, they produces a short chain fatty acid referred as butyric acid. This serves as primary food for the large intestine's cells which contribute in maintaining healthy colon. The bacterial digestion of the barley also produces other kinds of two short chained fatty acid. The propionic and acetic acid which used by cells in the liver and muscle.

Health benefits of barley #2 : Cholesterol protection

Research conducted by one United states research institute about nutrition suggest that other than help your digestion system. The rich content of fiber of barley also have beneficial effect toward control and reduction of cholesterol. The study indicates large improvement or lowering in amount of cholesterol in their test subject. The reduced cholesterol would means less risk of heart attack and other complications such as stroke.

Health benefits of barley #3 : Reduced risk of type-2 diabetes

Barley and other whole grain products are rich sources of magnesium, mineral that is a co factor for more that 300 essential enzymes,  Enzymes that regulate use of insulin secretion and body use of glucose are one if it.

Health benefit of barley-pic3

The US Food and Drug Administration permit food with at least 51% whole grain contents by weight (and also low fat, cholesterol and saturated fat)  to display health claim that consumption of that very food item can lower the risk of heart disease and certain form of cancer. Research today however suggest regular consumption of whole grain products also reduces risk of Type-2 diabetes.


Diarrhea with mucus

Diarrhea with mucus

Diarrhea is one common disease throughout the world, and have been around since ancient time. You may, at some point in your life experienced the symptoms and distinct feel or urge to repeatedly going to bathroom or john's room multiple times.  There are many cause for diarrhea, it can be viruses, bacteria, fungus or small protozoans which called as dysentery. Treatment are of wide scope range from simple medications down to complicated and long hospital therapy.

diarrhea with mucus

In this article we will discuss about infectious diarrhea, a more severe version of common diarrhea.  This diarrhea with mucus will not only causing inconvenience but also lethal, as the pathogen may directly infect and damage the lining tissues of the digestive tracts.

Signs and symptoms

Infectious diarrhea with mucus usually involves diarrhea and vomiting. Or it could present with only one of the symptoms although it's less common. Another symptoms is abdominal cramping. The sign of diarrhea usually begin in 12-72 hours after ingesting the infectious agent. Virus based diarrhea usually will resolve by itself within one week.  Additionally the viral diarrhea may also cause fever, fatigue, headache and muscle pain. The  stool of the patient can be used as indication on what agent caused the diarrhea. If it contain stains of blood. The cause is less likely to be virus infection and more like bacterial, which degrades intestine linings.  Bacterial caused diarrhea can cause severe abdominal pain and may persist for the duration of weeks.


diarrhea with mucus-pic3


Common case for children diarrhea with mucus is viral infection. By Rotavirus. Full recovery is usually attainable in three to eight days.  However in country with poor sanitary and treatment. It can be persistent and could be lethal if let untreated. Dehydration is common complication of diarrhea. Child with significant degree of dehydration may suffer from prolonged capillary refill, abnormal breathing and poor skin turgor. Inhabitants of country or areas with poor hygiene, sanitation and malnutrition are subject to repeated diarrhea infection. The complications would be severe namely stunted growth, and long term cognitive disability and delays.


Treatment for diarrhea begin with the improvement of the patient’s sanitary conditions. And some behavior training. Washing hands, keep the food clean and avoid buying improperly or damaged seal food will help.  Proper food preparations and cooking can also aid in preventing diarrhea.

Should the diarrhea occured anyway, there are some good self help therapy available which can help maintain the fluid balance in the body. Medications are also available. In case of infectious diarrhea however. Doctor or medical assistance must be sought. ,