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What is the best way to lose weight?

What is the best way to lose weight?

What is the best way to lose weight? That may become the most questioned by any women, especially for girls with an up body weight. Having a high body weight becomes a serious problem for almost all of people not only for woman. People with a high body weight will feel lose confidence too. More than that, people with high body weigh will have more risk in some kinds of dangerous disease such as cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart attack, and of course obesity. So, here we will share more about the best way to lose weight.

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What is the best way to lose weight? Actually there are some steps to lose weight. They are including food combining. Doing food combining and workout is one of the best way in increasing our body weight. Both of them are connected to each other. The first we will talk about the food combining.

Food Combining

Well, Food combining means that we combine some kinds of healthy food and beverages that we should eat in this diet program. The main purpose of this food combining program is to apply this method as our lifetime eating pole. Not only for some periods of time but use it forever. The main purpose of this diet plan is also to form our healthy eating schedule for a healthy digestive. What is the best way to lose weight? There are some steps in doing this Food Combining.

What is the best way to lose weigh

  1. Detox Session

  • Detox session is the time for us to clean our digestive systems. If we ever had a bad habit in eating such as eating too much junk food or instant food, we need to clean our digestive system first. We can detox our digestive by eating only vegetables, food, and meat or chicken without the fat. In this case, in the first one week, we should only eat vegetable that made from the boiling process. We should not use any kinds of frying oil at all. We can cook or boil the vegetable and we can add a little salt if we want.

  • In the morning we can eat the boiled vegetable such as potato and carrot. In the morning, of course we need a lot of energy. Then, we can get a lot of energy by the potato than contains enough protein that can supply energy. We can also get the benefits from the carrots than contains enough of vitamin A that is good for our eyes and skin. You can actually choose some another vegetable as a combination for one week such as: Potato with Tomato, Potato with bean, Potato with little corn, Potato with cabbage, Potato with spinach, and other vegetables that you like. In this case, vegetable is good for your digestive system and makes your stomach stay full longer until the lunch time. The most important thing is you should avoid any kinds of snacks while you are in the detox session. Detox session is in about one week, but you can do it longer if you want.

  • For the lunch, it's time for you to eat your favorite juice. Yes, in this detox session, you will not actually eat for the lunch. You can eat as many fruit as you can if you want. The best advice is to drink some combination juice. You can combine some kinds of fruits that you like and blend it into one delicious juice. Something that you should pay attention is that you can still put a little sugar on your juice. If you don't like it, you can replace the sugar with a honey. You should put a little sugar or honey, because you still need the sugar to make your body stay strong. If you have a low sugar in your body, you will feel weak, not in spirit and dizzy. You can also make some combination for fruit and vegetable juice. There are some options such as : mango and tomato, Guava and carrots, Orange and papaya, Spinach and tomato, and many kinds of fruit and vegetable combination. Make sure that you make it in a right portion. But, if you still feel hungry, you can actually eat a fresh fruit without making it into a juice.

  • When it comes for the dinner, it's time for you to eat something delicious but still in a right cooking way. In the night you can eat some kind of protein sources foods such as egg, chicken and meat without fat. You can also eat some kinds of food such as tofu, and wheat bread. In case, in this detox session you just can only eat food that made of boiling cooking. To make you more interested, in this dinner you can add some seasoning such as salt, ketchup, or chili if you want, but the first thing you should remember is that in the detox session, you're not allowed to eat rice at all.

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  1. Routine Plan

In this routine plan, it means that it's the time for us to do the forever eating schedule. After one week of detox session, here after that we can do a normal eating schedule in a step by step way. For breakfast, we can use the previous schedule that is eating only boiled vegetable, but you can combine it with fried eggs, fried tofu, and another protein food in a little portion. In case you want to eat the fried food, it's better for you to fry with an olive oil. Then, for the lunch, now you can eat a little rice. Make sure that you don't eat the rice too much. Then, in the night for the dinner, it is the same with the detox session, you can eat some kinds of food, but in here you're not only allowed eating the boiled vegetable and meat, you can eat the fried food. And if you remember about the question of what is the best way to lose weight? Just, make sure that you shouldn't eat rice at all in the night for dinner.

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Again, what is the best way to lose body weight? Well, food combining is one of the answers. In decreasing the body weight, is about to make an eating schedule. The healthier food that you eat, the healthier body that you will get. By doing this lifetime eating schedule you will get a healthy digestive and body. Moreover, you will also lose some fat and get your body shape goals.

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