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Simple But Proven Workouts to lose weight

Simple But Proven Workouts to lose weight

Workouts to lose weight

Workouts may become one of the most important step in lose weight. Yes, that's really true! Without a routine workout our diet meal plan will be useless. Some people may think that workouts can decrease fat in our body. Some people think that it can actually burn our fat. That is true, but the most important thing about workouts is that it is good for our muscle, digestive system, Blood pressure, and also good for our lungs and another important organs. In this case, if you have a healthy muscle, it will be able to burn fat, and makes your skin becomes tight. Moreover, by doing workouts, it is also good for your digestive and the benefit is that it can avoid some disease such as constipation. Then, there are some best workouts to lose weight in a good way.


  1. Jogging

Cardio workouts may become one of the most favorite and effective workouts to lose weight. Besides that, cardio is also good for our heart, lungs, digestive and also good for our brain. Moreover, jogging or doing a little walking for 30 minutes three time in a week can also pump our spirit in doing many things for the whole day. Something that we should know is that the benefit of jogging in the morning can affect the whole day. It will still burn some calories even though that we have finished the jogging. It can also bring the good mood four our feelings. It's better to do jogging in the morning. You don't need to work to hard, the most important is the consistency. It doesn't matter if for the first week you just do a little jogging, but do it in a routine way. Don't force yourself too hard and don't forget to do a stretching before jogging. Then, for the second week, you can fasten your speed and do a longer track. Just do it step by step, because your body need some adaptation before you do a long track jogging. While you are jogging in a faster speed, you can walk slower in some 100 meters. Don't forget to drink water before jogging and drink water or sweet drink if you need it.

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  1. Muscle Workouts

The next workout to lose weight is muscle workouts. After cardio, the next good workout for decreasing the body weight is by doing muscle workouts. Muscle a workout is good in grows your muscle and makes it stronger. Some woman maybe will feel afraid that they can have a big muscle like a man, but that is wrong. For average woman, their muscle can't grow as big as a man because woman has their own different muscle. On the other hand, a good muscle grow in woman is good to burn fat. The bigger the muscle the more fat that can burn. In one condition, you should do some stretching or warming up before you do muscle workouts. It is also good, if you do it after you have done 15 minutes of cardio for the warming up. You don't need to force yourself to lift very heavy load. Just start it with the lighter load, then you can add it continuously. You can do it for 15 until 20 minutes after jogging or warming up. If you go to the gym class, you may also use some kinds of sport tools that push on your muscle.


  1. Zumba

The next most effective workouts to lose weight is by doing zumba dance. Yes, you can say this workout is almost the same with another gymnastics but it has more powerful impact for your body. The different between another gymnastic such as aerobics is that Zumba is more free. When you do some aerobics you may will be tied with some counting or timing while move your body, but when you do this Zumba, it's time for you to move freely. In Zumba, you will move as the rhythm of the music. It can bring you up and down. Moreover, Zumba will also make your body becomes more elastic and energetic. Zumba burns much fat without you realize it because you will really enjoy the combination of the music and the move that you do. Zumba is one of the fastest and one of the most effective ways in decreasing body weight in a happy way.


  1. Swimming

It's not a secret anymore that swimming is one of the best workouts to lose weight. It's better for us to swim in the morning or in the afternoon when the sun is not so hot. Don't forget to do stretching before swimming because it can relax your muscle and avoid some accident. You can run for some minutes and move your body before swimming. Then, it's better for you too not immediately jump into the water. You can begin with put your legs first on the water for some minutes. It will help your body temperature adaptation. Then, after that, you can jump into the water.


The most important thing about swimming is that you should swim in a good way in some style such as frog style or chest style. It's not suggested for you to do a random move because it can lose your energy. For frog style, it can help you to tighten your legs. Then, for chest style it will give the best result for arm and hands building. Swimming is interesting and one of the best workouts to lose body weight, because all of your body is moving by swimming. You can move all of your body from head to toe. It will give the best affect blood pressure, heart, and lungs health. Beside that, you will also have more relax and elastic muscle with a strong backbone. You can swim at least once in a week and you can add the times as you like it.


Well, that's all some workouts that are good for our body. Not only in decreasing body weight, but also makes you healthy and fresh every day.

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