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Some Tips to Reduce Consuming Sugar

Some Tips to Reduce Consuming Sugar

When you have made a commitment on living a healthier life, ultimately, you have to manage your sugar intake as well. There are manyhealthy food that can serve as alternative to sugar-brimmed foods. Not only sugary food can contribute to all sorts of weight problems and diseases, it can also cause a spikes of fluctuating energy associated with depression, diabetes, and many suicidal thoughts or behaviours. There is also some research that reveals how sugar is linked to inflammation that the brain suffers, triggering depressive episodes as a result. This is why it is important for you to switch to eating healthy food and cut the candies and other sugary snack. Having a hard time doing that? Don’t worry! There are some tips that can help!


dringk water


Some Easy Tips to Cut Down on Sugar Intake

You don’t need to instantly go cold turkey on sugar. Instead, gradually reduce the amount of sugar you put into your diet one step at a time in order to help your taste buds adjust to the change. You should also avoid sugary, sweet drinks such as sodas and other types of bottled or canned drinks. Instead, start drinking fresh water infused with fruits. They are just as tasty! Also, replacing saturated fats with sugar is not the way to go, so don’t do it. A low-fat choice does not necessarily equated to healthy choices, especially if you replaced this fat with sugars in order to make up for the taste.

Other thing you can start doing is to avoid packaged foods or processed ones such as low-fat meals, frozen dinners, canned soups, and many more. It is even more of a must if the food contains lots and lots of sugars. Last but not least, be careful when you’re eating out as it’s difficult to know whether the restaurant puts a lot of sugar in your meal or not, and start munching healthier snacks like fruits instead of candies, cakes, and chocolates. It’s hard but it’s possible! , ,

Tips of Eating Healthily in Daily Basis

Tips of Eating Healthily in Daily Basis

You need food to survive. But is it enough to just eat as you please? The answer is no. There is unhealthy food, and there’s healthy ones. Why eat the unhealthy kinds when you can always improve your quality of life with the healthy ones? Staying healthy is not all about getting yourself subjected to unrealistic body standard or even restricting yourself from the foods you love. But it is about maintaining a longer lifespan and cherishing ourselves for what he have. Start eating healthy food today, with some help in maintaining the lifestyle provided in this article!


Tips for Eating Healthier

The first step is by setting the mind set for success. Plan your meal and take the whole process into small chunks of steps. It would be easier to manage that way, rather than rushing things out and get none in the end. You can start by the smallest of things such as setting up commitment to eat fruits at least once a day. That alone is good enough change rather than taking a dramatic approach that prone to get overwhelming after a while. Small changes can become habits when you repeat it over and over again. So don’t worry about the details. Just start. Make your own meals, replace unhealthy foods with healthier alternatives, and simplify your pick of food based on variety, freshness, and colours rather than calories. Small things like that go a long way in making great changes in your life.

The second step is to moderate. Any essential key to any healthy diet is moderation. Eat only as much as you need, not more, not less. In addition to portion, moderations is also all about balancing your meal. We all need a balanced combination of various nutrients ranging from fibre, carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, fats, and minerals in order to sustain ourselves and our health. ,

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Three Things You Should Do to Take Care of Your Skin

Three Things You Should Do to Take Care of Your Skin

Our skin tells the stories and experiences of our life, and our outward appearance can speak volume about what we has been through or what we are like. This is why everyone should take a good care of their skin. Not only it is beneficial for the body’s general appearance, but it also prevents certain diseases, such as skin cancer, from taking away our life. Follow these three simple tips of healthy care for skin.


healthy care (2)


Stop Smoking or Don’t Start at All

Smoking is a lot of things, most of it are bad ones to our health. Our skin is another part of our body that is not immune to the harmful effect of smoking. Smoking ages our skin fast and it triggers wrinkles as it narrows down the blood vessels located in the skin’s outermost later. As a result, it also restricts the blood circulation that the skin needs to get nutrients and oxygen. Additionally, fibres that are good for our skin such as elastin and collagen can also be damaged by smoking. The best way to protect your skin is to avoid smoking or quit it. If you’re struggling with this, you can always see a doctor for professional help.

Give Your Skin Some Gentle Treatments

Shaving and daily cleansing might get a little bit too harsh on your skin, but you can keep it gentle by avoiding using strong soaps, limiting your bath time (long baths are nice, but it might remove our natural skin oil if it gets overboard!), and shave gently and carefully by using some lubricant to help smoothen the process. You might also need to pat your skin dry in order to retain some moisture on it. If your skin is naturally dry, then apply moisturiser that’s suitable for your skin type. Consider using the ones that contain SPF for daily use.

Eat Healthier and Manage Your Stress Better

We can’t emphasize this enough, but eating healthily plays a big role in ensuring your health. Of course, this is also not an exception for our skin. With a healthy diet consisting of fresh veggies, fruits, lean proteins, whole grains, and maintaining a bit of balance of a varied nutrients will go a long way in ensuring the wellbeing of your skin, and of course, your overall health. Consuming foods that are low in refined carbohydrates, processed nutrients, and unhealthy fats might promote the youth that our skin needs to go by. Managing your stress is also important, because our emotional turmoil might trigger certain hormones in our brain that cause skin problems, such as acne breakouts and other things. In order to enhance the health of your skin and your overall wellbeing, maintain a healthy state of emotion and mind. Do take what needs to be taken in order to manage your stress properly. ,

Maintaining Your Mental Health by Eating Healthy Food

Maintaining Your Mental Health by Eating Healthy Food

Eating healthy food does not mean you have to resort to limiting yourself to some strict dietary regimen or thinning your body into some unrealistic standards, or even denying yourself of the sort of food you love. Instead, keeping yourself healthy by consuming healthy foodmeans having more energy to go by, feeling great in daily basis, improving your quality of health and outlook, and keeping your mood at check in daily basis. However, it is completely understandable if you’ll feel overwhelmed by the abundance of diet and nutrition tips out there (that are often conflicted too!). If that is the case, then you’re totally not alone, as there are also many other people who feel that the info they get on what-so-called “healthy diet” is rather conflicting to some extent. This article will try to dispel the myth about how hard it is to stay on a healthy dietary regimen by providing some general guideline and tips on how to do it. You can cut yourself through all the confusion and actually try to live healthily by following these simple tips. Read more to find out!

Things You Should Know about Eating Healthy and Mental Health

Eating healthy is not only about maintaining a good physique, ideal weight, and preventing yourself from getting sick, it is also maintaining a stable mood and keeping your mental wellbeing in check. What we eat can have a profound impact on our own sense of wellbeing and emotions. There are many studies that have shown how unhealthy diet contributes to higher chance of depression, bipolar disorder, stress, and anxiety. Unhealthy dietary regimen might also contribute to the forming of mental disorders such as schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s disease, and ADHD. Worse, it also increases the rate of suicide and suicidal thoughts among people, especially younger ones.




On the other hand, consuming more fresh vegetables and fruits, cooking food by yourself, and reducing consumptions on refined carbohydrates and sugar, might help managing emotional turmoil as well as symptoms of mental health problems and help you to regain the control you need for your life once again. Even though specific nutrients or foods have been revealed to have positive impact on someone’s emotional wellbeing. The overall pattern of our dietary lifestyle is something that should be paid attention to the most. This simply means that adopting a healthier diet does not necessarily mean about all or nothing. You can completely enjoy what you enjoy eating and maintaining your health all the same. ,

Reasons Why You Should Take Care of Your Skin

Reasons Why You Should Take Care of Your Skin

There are several ways to give yourself some extensive healthy care. One of them is by taking a good care of your skin. This article will try to cover some tips to maintain the youth and healthiness of your skin. There are many ways to do this, ranging from giving an extensive protection to your skin from the UV rays to regular cleansing. Taking care of our skin is not only about maintaining appearance, but it can also help protecting our body from more serious illnesses that can be caused by ultraviolet damage, such as blemishes and other skin problems. It also helps reducing the risk of skin cancer. So it’s definitely a win-win solution. You can retain a youthful-looking appearance and beautiful skin while also preventing yourself from getting some really serious illnesses.


healthy care


In addition, your skin might reveal your life stories. With every crease and line, there lies the wisdoms and experiences you have accumulated throughout your lifetime. From the wonderful glow of pregnancy to those tiny wrinkles formed around your eyes when you smile, those are wonderful features to cherish.

How to Protect your Skin from Sunrays

This might be easily overlooked, but this tip is tried and true. The more your skins get exposed to the harsher rays of the sun, the easier it will be damaged. A constant and direct exposure to the sunray might form wrinkles on your skin, blemishes, and other sorts of skin problems. Not to mention, sun rays might also increase our possibility of getting skin cancer. To protect your skin from the damage that ultraviolet might bring, you can start by applying sunscreen or sunblock to it. The best ones have at least 15 SPF, so next time you’re looking for the best sunscreen, note in mind to look for the ones that have that at least that much SPF. It is also suggested for you to apply the sunblock generously and then reapply it again for every two hours. You might also need to look for some shades in certain times, especially in between10 am and 2 pm where the sunlight is the harshest. Also, cover your skin with protective clothing such as long pants, hats, and long-sleeved shirts. Certain laundry additives might also enhance protection against sunrays. Hope this simple healthy care tips for skin is helpful! ,

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Care About Your Health? Go See The Doctor

Care About Your Health? Go See The Doctor

We know that a lot of people are taking their healthy as their biggest consideration. Healthy care has never been as good as people show today. But there is a little thing that people like to forget; seeing the doctor. Well, people might think that they will see the doctor if they feel that there is something wrong in terms of their health. But actually it does not have to be that way, because healthy care can go even further if you take your jacket and go out to see your doctor.

9.Care About Your Health Go See The Doctor

The first reason why I say that thing is because there are a lot of disease that sometimes do not show the symptoms, you can just feel very well in the morning but then suddenly collapse in the afternoon. When they take you to the hospital, then you find out that this disease has consuming your body from the inside for a long time. This will never happen if you take medical check up and see your doctor even though you feel very well.

Second reason is that you will never find what you can get just by having a conversation with your doctor. Your doctor may suggest you with something to improve your health without having extra effort to search the thing in the internet or even use the service of professionals in order to get it. Just a small talk that is all you need with your doctor. You can have special diet, managing menu, or even the best part is that your doctor will recommend you to some of colleagues that probably will help you with your healthy care that will cost you nothing. That is a special thing that people cannot deny. But that entire thing will not happen if you just feel happy with all the health care that you do by yourself. ,

What Does Healthy Life Means to You?

What Does Healthy Life Means to You?

If people asked about the important of healthy life for them you will find quiet the same answer. Basically all of them will give you the answer that will lead into something like “very important. But you have to go deeper in order to find the true answer of the question that given to those people.

8.What Does Healthy Life Means to You

The basic thing you need to do is to find out how they live their life. Yes indeed, people know how important health is, but do they really embrace the important meaning of the health itself? We cannot be sure about it. Most people say it is important, they seems like run a healthy life from what they say and in the surface of their daily activities. But behind the words and the skin of those “healthy life” of theirs, we can find that most of them just lie to themselves. You can find people who jog every morning, take 1 or event 10 km each day, but then smoking in the middle of the night when they cannot sleep. In another case people like to do diet, eat healthy food, do not drink alcohol, but all they do is lying down on their bed in the middle of the day, and hangout in the club every single night. Is this how people embrace the value of healthy? If the answer is yes, then it is not a healthy life, it is just a camouflage.

So let’s do our best in order to get the true value of the health that our body need, our life need. There is nothing wrong about spending a little bit of time and look up for the best way to live our life in terms of healthy life. We do not need to make it so hard to do it, just do it to our self, make people around you aware of what you do, then make them inspire to do the same thing. That way you will embrace the true value of the health more and more each and every day.

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Healthy Food: Keep on Balancing

Healthy Food: Keep on Balancing

People tend to overreact to something that correlated with healthy. The same thing goes for healthy food, I do not mean to tell people that healthy is not something that we do not need to take a serious consideration into, but people like to make it hard for them in order to make it happens. Something like food likely to make them figure out the best way to do it which tend to end up in something so complicated?

7.Healthy Food Keep on Balancing

Things like food that hard to find, expensive things and some other things will make you feel that to be healthy is hard. Actually something like that does not really necessary, the key thing to provide healthy food is to keep everything in balance. Balance here means the compositions of the food. Something like low carb diet, yoghurt diet, etc will not occur to your life as long as you keep this balance food in your menu.


As we know that healthy food is to keep your health, in order to do it we need to provide the right amount of compositions that our body need in order to keep it in balance. Enough calcium, enough carb, enough protein, enough liquids, and some other things that our body need, that is all we have to do in order to keep our body healthy.


The other thing about the balance is the timing. You must know when to eat something, when to stop eating, and how often. Once you get everything set up like that, you do not have to make the complicated menu that you find in order to provide the healthy food. But what you need to consider that people always have different need in order to keep their body in balance, so it is better for you to keep it in your mind. ,

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Simple But Proven Workouts to lose weight

Simple But Proven Workouts to lose weight

Workouts to lose weight

Workouts may become one of the most important step in lose weight. Yes, that's really true! Without a routine workout our diet meal plan will be useless. Some people may think that workouts can decrease fat in our body. Some people think that it can actually burn our fat. That is true, but the most important thing about workouts is that it is good for our muscle, digestive system, Blood pressure, and also good for our lungs and another important organs. In this case, if you have a healthy muscle, it will be able to burn fat, and makes your skin becomes tight. Moreover, by doing workouts, it is also good for your digestive and the benefit is that it can avoid some disease such as constipation. Then, there are some best workouts to lose weight in a good way.


  1. Jogging

Cardio workouts may become one of the most favorite and effective workouts to lose weight. Besides that, cardio is also good for our heart, lungs, digestive and also good for our brain. Moreover, jogging or doing a little walking for 30 minutes three time in a week can also pump our spirit in doing many things for the whole day. Something that we should know is that the benefit of jogging in the morning can affect the whole day. It will still burn some calories even though that we have finished the jogging. It can also bring the good mood four our feelings. It's better to do jogging in the morning. You don't need to work to hard, the most important is the consistency. It doesn't matter if for the first week you just do a little jogging, but do it in a routine way. Don't force yourself too hard and don't forget to do a stretching before jogging. Then, for the second week, you can fasten your speed and do a longer track. Just do it step by step, because your body need some adaptation before you do a long track jogging. While you are jogging in a faster speed, you can walk slower in some 100 meters. Don't forget to drink water before jogging and drink water or sweet drink if you need it.

Workouts to lose weight 5


  1. Muscle Workouts

The next workout to lose weight is muscle workouts. After cardio, the next good workout for decreasing the body weight is by doing muscle workouts. Muscle a workout is good in grows your muscle and makes it stronger. Some woman maybe will feel afraid that they can have a big muscle like a man, but that is wrong. For average woman, their muscle can't grow as big as a man because woman has their own different muscle. On the other hand, a good muscle grow in woman is good to burn fat. The bigger the muscle the more fat that can burn. In one condition, you should do some stretching or warming up before you do muscle workouts. It is also good, if you do it after you have done 15 minutes of cardio for the warming up. You don't need to force yourself to lift very heavy load. Just start it with the lighter load, then you can add it continuously. You can do it for 15 until 20 minutes after jogging or warming up. If you go to the gym class, you may also use some kinds of sport tools that push on your muscle.


  1. Zumba

The next most effective workouts to lose weight is by doing zumba dance. Yes, you can say this workout is almost the same with another gymnastics but it has more powerful impact for your body. The different between another gymnastic such as aerobics is that Zumba is more free. When you do some aerobics you may will be tied with some counting or timing while move your body, but when you do this Zumba, it's time for you to move freely. In Zumba, you will move as the rhythm of the music. It can bring you up and down. Moreover, Zumba will also make your body becomes more elastic and energetic. Zumba burns much fat without you realize it because you will really enjoy the combination of the music and the move that you do. Zumba is one of the fastest and one of the most effective ways in decreasing body weight in a happy way.


  1. Swimming

It's not a secret anymore that swimming is one of the best workouts to lose weight. It's better for us to swim in the morning or in the afternoon when the sun is not so hot. Don't forget to do stretching before swimming because it can relax your muscle and avoid some accident. You can run for some minutes and move your body before swimming. Then, it's better for you too not immediately jump into the water. You can begin with put your legs first on the water for some minutes. It will help your body temperature adaptation. Then, after that, you can jump into the water.


The most important thing about swimming is that you should swim in a good way in some style such as frog style or chest style. It's not suggested for you to do a random move because it can lose your energy. For frog style, it can help you to tighten your legs. Then, for chest style it will give the best result for arm and hands building. Swimming is interesting and one of the best workouts to lose body weight, because all of your body is moving by swimming. You can move all of your body from head to toe. It will give the best affect blood pressure, heart, and lungs health. Beside that, you will also have more relax and elastic muscle with a strong backbone. You can swim at least once in a week and you can add the times as you like it.


Well, that's all some workouts that are good for our body. Not only in decreasing body weight, but also makes you healthy and fresh every day.

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What is the best way to lose weight?

What is the best way to lose weight?

What is the best way to lose weight? That may become the most questioned by any women, especially for girls with an up body weight. Having a high body weight becomes a serious problem for almost all of people not only for woman. People with a high body weight will feel lose confidence too. More than that, people with high body weigh will have more risk in some kinds of dangerous disease such as cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart attack, and of course obesity. So, here we will share more about the best way to lose weight.

What is the best way to lose weigh 4

What is the best way to lose weight? Actually there are some steps to lose weight. They are including food combining. Doing food combining and workout is one of the best way in increasing our body weight. Both of them are connected to each other. The first we will talk about the food combining.

Food Combining

Well, Food combining means that we combine some kinds of healthy food and beverages that we should eat in this diet program. The main purpose of this food combining program is to apply this method as our lifetime eating pole. Not only for some periods of time but use it forever. The main purpose of this diet plan is also to form our healthy eating schedule for a healthy digestive. What is the best way to lose weight? There are some steps in doing this Food Combining.

What is the best way to lose weigh

  1. Detox Session

  • Detox session is the time for us to clean our digestive systems. If we ever had a bad habit in eating such as eating too much junk food or instant food, we need to clean our digestive system first. We can detox our digestive by eating only vegetables, food, and meat or chicken without the fat. In this case, in the first one week, we should only eat vegetable that made from the boiling process. We should not use any kinds of frying oil at all. We can cook or boil the vegetable and we can add a little salt if we want.

  • In the morning we can eat the boiled vegetable such as potato and carrot. In the morning, of course we need a lot of energy. Then, we can get a lot of energy by the potato than contains enough protein that can supply energy. We can also get the benefits from the carrots than contains enough of vitamin A that is good for our eyes and skin. You can actually choose some another vegetable as a combination for one week such as: Potato with Tomato, Potato with bean, Potato with little corn, Potato with cabbage, Potato with spinach, and other vegetables that you like. In this case, vegetable is good for your digestive system and makes your stomach stay full longer until the lunch time. The most important thing is you should avoid any kinds of snacks while you are in the detox session. Detox session is in about one week, but you can do it longer if you want.

  • For the lunch, it's time for you to eat your favorite juice. Yes, in this detox session, you will not actually eat for the lunch. You can eat as many fruit as you can if you want. The best advice is to drink some combination juice. You can combine some kinds of fruits that you like and blend it into one delicious juice. Something that you should pay attention is that you can still put a little sugar on your juice. If you don't like it, you can replace the sugar with a honey. You should put a little sugar or honey, because you still need the sugar to make your body stay strong. If you have a low sugar in your body, you will feel weak, not in spirit and dizzy. You can also make some combination for fruit and vegetable juice. There are some options such as : mango and tomato, Guava and carrots, Orange and papaya, Spinach and tomato, and many kinds of fruit and vegetable combination. Make sure that you make it in a right portion. But, if you still feel hungry, you can actually eat a fresh fruit without making it into a juice.

  • When it comes for the dinner, it's time for you to eat something delicious but still in a right cooking way. In the night you can eat some kind of protein sources foods such as egg, chicken and meat without fat. You can also eat some kinds of food such as tofu, and wheat bread. In case, in this detox session you just can only eat food that made of boiling cooking. To make you more interested, in this dinner you can add some seasoning such as salt, ketchup, or chili if you want, but the first thing you should remember is that in the detox session, you're not allowed to eat rice at all.

What is the best way to lose weigh 2

  1. Routine Plan

In this routine plan, it means that it's the time for us to do the forever eating schedule. After one week of detox session, here after that we can do a normal eating schedule in a step by step way. For breakfast, we can use the previous schedule that is eating only boiled vegetable, but you can combine it with fried eggs, fried tofu, and another protein food in a little portion. In case you want to eat the fried food, it's better for you to fry with an olive oil. Then, for the lunch, now you can eat a little rice. Make sure that you don't eat the rice too much. Then, in the night for the dinner, it is the same with the detox session, you can eat some kinds of food, but in here you're not only allowed eating the boiled vegetable and meat, you can eat the fried food. And if you remember about the question of what is the best way to lose weight? Just, make sure that you shouldn't eat rice at all in the night for dinner.

What is the best way to lose weight 5

Again, what is the best way to lose body weight? Well, food combining is one of the answers. In decreasing the body weight, is about to make an eating schedule. The healthier food that you eat, the healthier body that you will get. By doing this lifetime eating schedule you will get a healthy digestive and body. Moreover, you will also lose some fat and get your body shape goals.

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Perfect and Nice Meal plan for weight loss

Perfect and Nice Meal plan for weight loss

Every diet may contain some kind of plan, on what to eat and when. In this article we will visit some meal plan for weight loss.

meal plan for weight loss-pic1

The 7 day 1200 calories plan

The 7 days 1200 calories plan diet is designed to lose weight in 7 days.  It consist of balanced meal sections which provide variations but limit the calories intake to 1200 calories per day.  The meal plan for weight loss for this diet is as follows

  • Day 1 diet

    • Breakfast

      • ¾ bran flakes

      • 1 cup of milk

      • 1 banana

    • Lunch

      • Sandwich that consist of : 1 mini whole wheat pita, 3 ounces of turkey breast, half of roasted pepper, a teaspoon of light mayonnaise and mustard lettuce.

      • A stick part skim mozzarella cheese

      • Two kiwi fruits

    • Dinner

      • Four ounces of sole or flounder

      • One cup of steamed broccoli

      • One cup of cooked couscous

      • Two sliced plum tomatoes sprinkled with Two tablespoons of grated cheese, broiled until just golden.

      • A cup of fat free pudding.

meal plan for weight loss-pic2

  • Day 2 Diet

    • Breakfast

      • Blend a cup of frozen berries, half banana, and eight ounces of fat-free milk.

      • Half of English muffin spread with a teaspoon of light margarine

    • Lunch

      • A cup of vegetarian soup

      • One veggie burger in a mini whole wheat pita with lettuce and salsa

      • Six ounces of light yogurt

      • Fifteen grapes

    • Dinners

      • Chicken BBQ, make sure the chicken is skinless.

      • Half cup of vegetarian baked beans

      • Three small boiled red potatoes topped with a teaspoon light margarine and a pinch of dill

    • Day-3 diet

      • Breakfast

        • Special Oatmeal: In the microwave, cook half cup quick-cooking oats with three quarter of cup fat-free milk; half apple, chopped; a teaspoon of honey; and a pinch of cinnamon and a slice of cheddar cheese

      • Lunch

        • Chicken salad: Throw four ounces of shredded skinless roast chicken breast with quarter cup of sliced red grapes, a tablespoon slivered almonds, a tablespoon light mayonnaise, and a tablespoon fat-free sour cream. Serve over lettuce.Slice of toast.

        • One banana

      • Dinner

        • Four ounches of steamed shrimp

        • A baked potato topped with Three tablespoons salsa and a tablespoon fat-free sour cream

        • Three cups of steamed spinach

        • One low fat, frozen fudge bar.

    • meal plan for weight loss-pic5

      • Day 4 diet

        • Breakfast

          • Half toasted English muffin topped with half small apple, sliced, and an ounce shredded reduced-fat cheese, any type. Microwave at 30 seconds on High setting.

          • Six ounces of light yogurt

        • Lunch

          • A cup of tomato soup

          • Sandwich: one mini whole wheat pita, three ounces thinly sliced roast beef, a teaspoon of horseradish, mustard, tomato slices and lettuce

          • One pear

          • One cup of raw vegetables of your choice

        • Dinner

          • Three ounces of salmon

          • Three quarter of cooked brown rice

          • Half cup of pineapple chunks in juice

          • Slaw: Throw one and quarter cups coleslaw mix and two sliced green onions with 2 tablespoons fat-free dressing.

        • Day 5 diet

          • Breakfast

            • A cup of cheerios

            • Half cup berries

            • Eight ounches of fat free milk

            • A tablespoon of slivered almond

          • Lunch

            • Cucumber spears

            • Half cup of low-fat cheese topped with half cup mandarin orange sections

            • Quesadilla: Pour and spread quarter cup fat-free refried beans over one small whole wheat tortilla. Sprinkle on an ounce of shredded reduced-fat cheese. Use salsa and tortilla as toppings; microwave for 45 seconds for all of the materials

          • Dinner

            • Three ounces of tenderloin

            • A cup of baker acorn squash, with cinnamon

            • Two or three cups of salad green with fat free dressings

            • Half cup of vanilla fat-free frozen yogurt topped with 1 cup berries

          • Day 6 diet

            • Breakfast

              • Fat free milk, eight ounces

              • One toasted frozen waffle

            • Lunch

              • Tuna pita: A whole wheat pita with, two ounces of light tuna, a tablespoon of light mayonnaise, mustard, and cucumber and onion slices

              • Ten carrots

              • Six ounces of yogurt mixed with banana

            • Dinner

              • Jambalaya jay: mix three quarters of cup cooked brown rice; half cup of corn; two ounces cooked turkey sausage, sliced; one third of cup salsa; and a quarter cup of canned kidney beans. Put it on heat.

              • One apple

            • Day 7 diet

              • Breakfast

                • Half toasted English muffin with an ounce of reduced-fat cheese as top layer, sliced; a slice of tomato; half cup steamed spinach, drained; and one poached egg

                • A grapefruit

              • Lunch

                • A pear

                • A mini whole wheat pita

                • Black bean salad: half cup of canned black beans, sections of mandarin orange in half cup, red bell pepper in chopped condition, red onion, and scallions with a teaspoon of After done serve it as toppings for salad greens.

              • Dinner

                • Three ounces of grilled steak

                • A cup of steamed zucchini

                • Half cup of pineapple juice

Military diet plan.

Military diet is a three days plan. Which said to be developed and used by United States Army Nutrition expert to keep the shape and health of the soldiers.  Recently however the diet plan also used by civilian world. And promoted as safe and healthy. The following is the meal plan for weight loss of military diet.

How it works?

The plan consist of three days meal which can be extended to any length of time you need.  The diet also got 4 days off  where you can consume more amount of Calories (1400-1500). But still below 1800 Calories typically your body may burn.  The 3 days diet meal plan for the military diet is as follows.

meal plan for weight loss-pic3

  • Day 1 diet

    • Breakfast

      • Half slice of grape.

      • Toast sliced.

      • Peanut butter, two tablespoons of it.

      • A cup of caffeine source.

    • Lunch

      • Half cup of tuna

      • A slice of toast

      • A cup of caffeine source

    • Dinner

      • Three ounces of meat of your liking

      • A cup of green beans

      • One apple

      • A cup of vanilla ice cream

    • Day-2 diet

      • Breakfast

        • An egg, can be scrambled or boiled as your liking

        • A slice of toast

        • a banana sliced in half, give the other half to someone else if you want.

      • Lunch

        • A cup of cottage cheese

        • One egg cooked in your preferences

        • Five saltine crackers

      • Dinners

        • Two hotdogs, it’s necessary that it served without bun

        • One cup of broccoli

        • Half cup of carrots

        • Half banana

        • Half cup of vanilla ice cream


  • Day-3 diet

    • Breakfast

      • Five saltine crackers

      • Cheddar cheese, sliced to your likings

      • An apple

    • Lunch

      • An egg, cooked on your likings

      • Slice of toast

    • Dinner

      • A cup of tuna

      • Half banana

      • A cup of vanilla ice cream

Benefits of military diet plan.

Beside weight loss, you may or may not notice that your body is able to repair itself better because of the diet plan. It’s been known that fasting can be benefit to your health and does not reduce metabolism if done properly.  The diet will lower risk of diabetes by lowering the IGF-1 factor.

Body detox diet plan (Master cleanse system) or Lemonade diet.

This is by far the most extreme diet plan one can use. Unlike two previously mentioned plans, body detox diet plan does not allow consumption of solid food. But only lemons and syrup. Before undertaking this meal plan for weight loss using this diet plan, it’s recommended that you should take preparations as sudden cut of solid food consumption can cause many discomfort to your body.  The preparations take shape by many but one which you can do is by first taking vegetarian diet plan.

This diet should only be followed for 10 days. Longer plan are possible but experts considered that this kind of diet is actually dangerous for your body in the long term.

Body detox, the Plan.

  • Breakfast

    • Before entering the first day of your diet, take a sip of laxative herbal tea before sleeping.

    • At morning of your first day, start your morning by drinking non iodine salt mixed with water. It serve as catalyst to jump start your metabolism and bowel functions.

  • Lunch

    • 6-12 times consumption of lemonade solution. It will provide the required nutrition and promotes ejection of toxins from your body. Lemonade solutions are to be consumed whenever you feel hungry.

  • Dinner

    • End your day by consumption of laxative herbal tea.

Benefits of Body detox diet plan

The body detox plan are claimed to promote detoxification of the body, and to provide holidays for your stomach. The diet plan also said to promote healthy and calmer mind to the followers. Although this diet plan might be stressful to your body, it’s one of the popular meal plan for weight loss.


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