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Foods that help you lose weight

Diet is all about plan on what to eat at what time and what to do. Thus food hold importance in determining whether the diet would be successful and enjoyable or miserably painful and failing.  In this article however we will visit some foods that help you lose weight. Of course it does not help by itself but with diet plan, it will work. Although the title said foods that help you lose weight, we will also lists some beverages.

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Nobody will deny that fruit will help you to lose weight. It’s sweet, rich in vitamins and minerals and it also rich in fiber.  The fiber might not get absorbed by your body thus it can make you feel full earlier. Since fruit contains no fiber and very little amount of calories, you can just eat them as many as you want and it’s suggested that you use it as substitution for snack.

Best fruit is fresh one, although you may pick frozen or canned fruit. Canned fruit however may contain higher amount of calories caused by their method of processing.


Another foods that help you lose weight. Vegetables shares all the attributes of fruit.  It rich in vitamins, minerals and other substances that can help your body healthy. Mayo clinic put both vegetables and fruit at the base of their food pyramid. Indicating, that they can be eaten practically without any restrain.

Healthy Fat from vegetables oil

Fat has been considered a long time enemy that need to be banished. However diet without fat is bound to be painful and not enjoyable.  But what kind of fat that can be considered foods that help you lose weight ?  There are two kinds of healthy fat namely the mono-saturated and poly-saturated fat.  Those kind of fats are contained inside  vegetables oil. Thus consumption of those fat is a must for your diet. There are also cooking technique and considerations that help reduces the amount of fat in a food. One common example is removing skin from the poultry meat before cooking.


Basically you are what you eat (and drink) Nowadays there are many kinds of drinks, and some of them do contribute to weight increase. E.g coke, fanta, other junk drink, high amount of calories it contains really does contribute to your weight.  Another thing about those drinks are that they actually trick your body into storing water, thus believe it or not contribute to your weight.

So why add more water by drinking more water ? Well, actually additional amount of water does help you to reduce excess body water, and since it basically contains no calories, sodium whatsoever, it’s a perfect diet drink. Study by NCBI suggest that drinking water about half an hour before meals would help reducing weight. Another benefit is reduced risk of kidney stone and help increasing your metabolism.

Coffee and tea

Coffee helps in increasing your metabolism and from there help burns calories which contributes to weight gain.  Tea shares many attributes of coffee except that the caffeine might be stronger than coffee.  When to drink them ? an hour before workout would be the best time. However it’s not recommended for those who have heart problem.  As Coffee and tea

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Fiber containing food (other than fruit and vegetables)

Vegetables and fruits aren’t the only food containing high amount of fibres, which can contribute to your diet. There are many supplements and artificial food that also contains fiber. They are mostly designed for diet and can help you feel full for a longer time. Reduced food craving. Thus you could consider using them as foods that help you lose weight.

Another benefit of fiber rich diet beside weight loss is reduced risk of cardiovascular related condition such as heart attack and stroke.  The working mechanism of fiber however are still being studied. However a theory suggest that fiber plays role in absorbing high cholesterol substance in your digestion system before they got absorbed by the small intestines.   Fiber rich food might also make you feel full earlier, thus reducing overeating tendency. Additional health benefit is reduction in cancer risk. Especially digestive tract related cancer.


High protein diet recommend high protein food. But how does that work ? It’s obviously not only eating proteins but rather balancing on what you eat. The food for high protein diet must not starve you to oblivion but must contain balance. It must contain fat source, vitamin source and the protein source itself.  There are many source of proteins, from plants or animals.

Plants based food are contained in legumes. Soybeans is considered the most perfect among legumes as it contain the necessary amino acids in comparable amount to animal meat.  Thus why we have vegetarian meat substitues that based on soybeans.

Unprocessed food.

It has been known for some time that food processing can damage or reduce nutritional value of the food being processed.  Thus a movement was born that the objective was to promote unprocessed whole food.  Claimed benefits are cancer risk reduction, more nutrition and basically able to make you feel full longer. Thus can contribute to your diet.


Fabulous, packed with healthy fat and oil, plus it can help you reduce weight and fulfill your dreams of being healthy. It may also help forming muscle. Another best thing is that they don’t lost the nutrients and all the good values of it through method of cooking. So you can eat in as sashimi or fry it, whatever suits you.   Fish may also contain healthy omega-3 fatty acids which promotes healthy cardiovascular system. Omega-3 can also promotes brain developments. Thus why we have omega-3 rich cod oil for children.

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Fish also contains vitamins, minerals and basically it’s animal form of vegetables. Thus adding them in list of foods that help you lose weight would be beneficial. It’s also rich in protein, unless you’re doing vegetarian diet, fish consumption is a must.

Beside its meat. Fish may also contain healthy caviar or fish eggs.  Which also promotes health and good diet food. However the price might be not affordable for general people.

So what fish to eat ? here are some examples :

  • Oily fish like mackerel, sardines and herrings.

  • Salmon

  • Cod fish

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